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What Is A Lightworker & What Do They Do?

The term lightworker is relatively new, but the concept is not. In fact, the word lightworker is not even in the dictionary. A lightworker is someone on a spiritual path who seeks the greater good. The ‘greater good’ can mean many things to many people. A lightworker is about being of service to others. 

There are two types of service: service to self and service to others. When we are of service to others, that naturally lends itself to being a lightworker.

What Is a Lightworker? 

A lightworker is a person who has a calling within their soul to do spiritual work for humanity, GodSource. A lightworker is also a person who seeks greater spiritual knowledge in hopes of making a difference to humanity and to our planet. 

It’s purported that many lightworkers come from Starseed origins, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Their goal is generally to raise the vibration and awakening of the planet and its inhabitants.

A lightworker is always a person in progress. In other words, a true lightworker is always evolving. They never stop learning.

What is a lightworker

What Do Lightworkers Bring to the World?

Ideally, lightworkers are here to heal, help others heal, and bring light and hope to our planet. Let’s face it: Our planet is not an easy place to be. Mortal life here can be hard and full of traumas, dramas, and other obstacles. 

A lightworker can learn from and grow from those obstacles. 

Healing and Emotional Support

Being there for one another and learning how to heal in all aspects is critical for soul advancement on our spiritual paths. Learning how to work with our emotions is also important because letting our emotions override us creates cracks in our foundation. 

When that happens, the dark side can enter within us.

Spiritual Guidance and Teaching

A true light worker knows that we are to never stop learning. Our ability to learn may ebb and flow, as the knowledge and energy imparted upon us may need to settle in as we learn what to do with that. 

With that, a true lightworker is here to share their knowledge with others. We need to learn to work together and not be in competition with one another.

Energy Channeling and Healing

The ability to learn how to channel GodSource energy and transmute that energy to facilitate healing is powerful and carries with it a lot of karma. 

Ensuring that you are tapping into the light and not being fooled or tricked by dark entities is paramount for your soul health and the health of anyone you work with.

Types of Lightworkers and Their Unique Roles

There are many types of lightworkers. I hear from well-meaning people all the time that they want to know what they can do spiritually to help the planet and humanity. 

This answer is true for everyone: find your passion.  Take your passion, learn, grow, and that will unfold into being of service.

#1) The Empaths: Emotional Healers

Many lightworkers are also empaths. Empaths find that they are sensitive to all types of external energies. It could be the wi-fi around them, a busy shopping center full of chaotic energy; it could be an angry co-worker or a grieving family member. 

A lightworker must learn how to know when emotions or feelings are not their own. They must also learn how not to absorb those energies which are not theirs. When we take on other people’s ‘junk,’ we can cause harm to ourselves and need to learn that we are not martyrs in these cases.

Detached compassion, the ability to understand how someone else is feeling and not take on their emotions, is a sign of strength, maturity, and someone with an increased sense of wisdom about themselves. 

It doesn’t mean we are emotionless robots, but when we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by other people’s dramas, it can be rather difficult to truly help them. 

#2) The Messengers: Communicators of the Divine

There are lightworkers who carry light codes within them and communicate with true light beings. We all have spiritual teams who guide us. Our spiritual teams are in flux; they are here to help us with what we need. 

They are also karmically earned

Whenever a lightworker communicates with someone, it is their responsibility to know if they are truly from the light side. We all need to examine whomever a light worker is communicating with, knowing that there are shapeshifters, and nefarious forces out there who love it when we ‘just assume’.

#3) The Transmuters: Neutralizing Negative Energy

Everything is energy. We all have the ability to manipulate energy, but that comes with great responsibility. Transmuting negative energy to a neutral or positive force is of great service. 

One way to transmute and shift energy is by learning to use a violet flame.


How To Recognize Lightworkers: Signs and Traits

There are people who incarnate here knowing their soul purpose, and for many, it will reveal itself when the time is right. We are all different, and that is the beauty of humanity. 

Many lightworkers feel they have a higher calling, are passionate about helping others, and may have gone through a process known as the dark night of the soul.

Signs of False Lightworkers

A true lightworker is here to help. A false lightworker may show their true colors by appearing to be all-knowing, wanting to control others and other people’s knowledge. They can be quick to dismiss you if you have a differing opinion. 

They are often covert narcissists hiding behind the guise of spirituality.

On a personal note, one of the more profound learning experiences in my life was from a false lightworker. I learned a lot from this person, and it took me time to detangle myself from this person. 

This is where the dark side got greedy because this person unwittingly made me stronger and more knowledgeable about helping others. I am grateful to this person. It was a lesson that I needed to learn. 

I share this because true lightworkers learn from one another.

Am I A Lightworker? (How To Tell)

Ask yourself, are you a kind person? Do you care about the well-being of others? Additionally,do you seek to learn more about GodSource? Do you seek greater spiritual knowingness? 

You are a lightworker if the answer is yes to any or all of these questions.

Embracing Your Inner Lightworker

Lightworkers are human, and we are not here to live perfect lives. Learn to embrace what you are learning and be grateful for your experiences. Our experiences make us who we are.

Closing Thoughts: The Path Forward for Lightworkers

Lightworkers need to build supportive communities where we can learn from one another in a safe space without being censored. This is a free event space that will begin this summer.

However, you can sign up here now for future events and courses HERE.