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Do Dream Catchers Actually Work? 

Dreams are a large part of our spiritual experiences, and not all dreams are for our greater good. But do dream catchers work for you to help with sleep, and if so, how do they work?

Exploring The Enigmatic World of Dream Catchers

What are dream catchers? What do they do? How can I choose one that works for me?

Historical Origins and Cultural Significance of Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are a Native American history from the Ojibwe and Lakota tribes. While these two cultures didn’t mingle, they both had similar concepts when it came to dream catchers. 

In Ojibwe lore, Asibikaashi, the spider woman, was considered their spiritual protector who protected the children from harm. As their tribe grew and traveled, she needed help protecting the children. She had the women make dream catchers, which resembled spiderwebs, to trap bad dreams in the web while the good dreams floated down to the children. 

The Lakota legend has dream catchers to trap good ideas, dreams, and concepts and save them. Negative ideas, bad dreams, and concepts pass through the center hole and dissipate.

How Do Dream Catchers Work?

The idea is that they are hung above the bed where someone is sleeping to catch dark dreams and energies before they can get into your energy field. The positive dreams and thoughts are allowed to stay.

The power of intention may also play a role in how a dream catcher works. When we set the intention that positive dreams and energies will only come to us in our sleep state, this can be beneficial.

Also, a dream catcher needs to be exposed to sunlight, as that is a clearing energy. If a dream catcher becomes full of negative energies, it will lose its effectiveness, just like any other physical object.

The Traditional Beliefs Behind Dream Catchers

The purpose of the dream catcher is to protect us as we sleep. The Native Americans believed, and rightfully so, that the energies at night are calmer and make it easier for negative energies and entities to gain access to us, especially as we sleep.

Dream Catcher

Evaluating the Effectiveness: Do Dream Catchers Actually Work?

Dream catchers may work better for some than others. This is true with all types of spiritual tools. Humans are not one size fits all. We carry within us different lineages, experiences, frequencies, and so much more. 

If you find you have a history or a natural inclination towards Native American histories, maybe you have had past lifetimes, find yourself comfortable around talismans or other cultural aspects, you may find dream catchers to feel like home and will work wonders for you.

The Modern Use of Dream Catchers in Contemporary Culture

Dream catchers have become popularized in modern society as decorations. They appear in movies and television, such as The Vampire Diaries, the Twilight series even made mention of dream catchers. 

The Commercialization of Dream Catchers and its Impact

While dream catchers can be found in many spiritual stores, online, and many other places, you need to make sure that if you choose to get a dream catcher, you learn how to feel the energy it has.

As you look at it, does it bring you joy? Does it make you feel good? Do you feel neutral about it?

Or maybe you pass by it to find another.

How to Choose and Use a Dream Catcher

Choosing a dream catcher is a personal experience. What may be right for you may not be right for someone else. This is where the power of intuition can come in handy.

Tips for Selecting Authentic Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers have several components: the hoop, web (or weave), beads, gemstones, and feathers. They may contain all these elements or some of them. For example, some may have gemstones woven in, while others may not.

You want to look for dream catchers that are made by Native Americans and not manufactured in another country. Those that are handmade, to me, are the best option. They may be a bit more expensive, but you are also paying that person for their knowledge, creativity, and even energy that they infuse into them.

There are also many tutorials out there to teach you how to make your own. Once you learn, it may be a fun activity to bring supplies for your friends and family so that you can all make your own. 

Proper Placement and Maintenance for Efficacy

Dream catchers can be placed in bedrooms, above the bed, and even in the window. Ensuring your dream catcher can be cleared, sunlight is a good source for that. 

Conclusion: Should I Use Dream Catchers?

As we continue to embark on our spiritual paths, it is important to be able to and necessity to keep adding tools to our spiritual toolbox as we work on ascension and building our baseline frequencies.

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