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What Is Light Language & How Can It Be Used?

The concept of light language has been gaining in popularity. But what is light language exactly? Is it some type of woo-woo, sage-wafting, airy fairy lingo? Or is it real? 

Light language transcends the human condition, bypassing our written and spoken words. It is not associated with physical actions, symbols, or hieroglyphs. 

This language is a vibration that speaks directly to our spiritual DNA, our soul essence, and to other light beings. It communicates with the soul. 

However, it can be facilitated through the human body.

Exploring the Essence of Light Language

Light language is multi-dimensional, transcending time and space. It’s a high-energy source of frequencies, vibrations, and information that come through sounds, tones, body movements, or written symbols or scripts.

It is said that light languages hail from other planetary systems, mostly Starseeds, such as Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, and Lyran. 

The Origins and Evolution of Light Language

Some say that the origin of light language is a form of communication that lives within our souls. As we ascend, it may become more innate and pronounced within us. 

It is also said that it is the language of the stars and is very much soul-healing.

Light language

The Multifaceted Forms of Light Language

Light language comes in many forms. Not one form is more correct or powerful than another. It’s about what works for you.

Spoken and Sung Light Language

Light language can appear in many forms; sometimes, it is spoken or sung, and there are no words to it. It is simply vibration. 

My friend, Abby Lynn, is an amazing practitioner, and I have the privilege to be in a ceremony where she uses light language to clear and heal people and places. 

This is a quote from her:

“People often ask, after they have heard light language for the first time, ‘What was that and why did my body react the way it did and why am I emotional?’ My answer is simple: you have just heard a language that only the soul knows, you were remembering. Light language is energy and frequency, a language that is simple yet so complex it ripples through the quantum field. Light language is something that is meant to be felt, not heard, and it will enter and move throughout your auric field exactly where it is supposed to; it is a language for the soul.” 

Abby Lynn

Written Light Language and Its Unique Scripts

Light language can also come from auto-writing, but writing is more about the frequency of the signs and symbols that come through you. The ‘writing’ medium can be anything from standard pen and paper to sand to paint. 

The medium is irrelevant. It’s about what comes through you.

Light Language through Movement and Dance

Many times, people can feel light language pour through them through authentic binaural beats. Binaural beats are a phenomenon that occurs when listening to two frequencies at one time; hence the term ‘bi,’ meaning two. 

When these beats are sustained for certain periods of time, they alter the brain waves to promote relaxation and healing.

I used the term ‘authentic binaural beats’ because there are many choices out there, and it is imperative for your soul’s health and well-being that what you are listening to is for your greater good. 

How do you know it is, and why? ALWAYS ask those questions. 

If you recieve a low-frequency set of binaural beats, it can open you up to dark elements.

The Role of Light Language in Healing and Transformation

Man giving a light language speech

Light language is all about frequencies; its general purpose is to help us to increase our frequencies. One thought about light languages is that they are multidimensional healing frequencies. 

They can also bring in new information to us that will become activated within us when we are ready for it. 

This can also be an aspect of a spiritual awakening.

Emotional and Physical Healing through Light Language

The purpose of light language is to raise our frequencies and promote ascension as we heal old traumas and wounds. 

These traumas and wounds can transcend lifetimes and we carry them within our DNA. 

Light language has the capability to release and heal ancient emotional and physical wounds.

Light Language in Spiritual Practices and Meditation

If you are looking for a light language practitioner, I highly recommend Abby Lynn. She is a serious practitioner who studies constantly. 

Her website can be found here:

Conclusion: The Expanding Horizon of Light Language

Light language can do a lot for us as we continue our spiritual paths. Light language becomes more readily accessible to us as we continue with our spiritual practices, such as meditations and prayers, and it enhances our spiritual toolboxes. 

Remember to give yourself the gift of time. Time to explore, learn, and appreciate who you are and how far you have come. 

Spirituality is not a contest; we are exactly where we should be.