Past Life Regression

Past Life

Past Life Regression

Laura will take you on a journey to rediscover who you are your soul’s
purpose, and with the help of her and your spiritual teams. Laura uses a variety of past life regression techniques in this process to assist in getting you the answers you are seeking, along with deep healing.



What Is Past Life Regression?

We all have lived more than one lifetime. Every life we live becomes a part of our soul’s history. When we reincarnate here, there is a veil that comes over us, and we may not have the ability to recall parts of our soul’s history.

A past life regression will help you get the keys to unlock your soul’s information. This type of regressive therapy may help heal emotional traumas and help us to discover certain personalities that are in our current life and the roles they play.

What Are the Benefits of Past Life Regression?

If you find you are stuck in certain aspects of your life, a regression may help to unblock you. Your self-awareness will be increased by having a better understanding of why you may react in certain ways to people or situations. 

What To Expect

When you sign up for this session, I will email you some questions to help us focus on your needs for the best possible outcome. These sessions are normally on Zoom, and we will spend a fair amount of time discussing what you are looking for and your expectations.

You will then go into a relaxed state as we move into the regression. We will also work on healing aspects at this time. 

When we finish with the regression, we will spend time going over your findings and how to integrate what you have learned.

This entire process can take 4-5 hours.

When Is Past Life Regression Helpful

A past life regression is helpful when we feel we are stuck with an aspect of our life. Many times, during a regression, our Higher Self will bring us to the past life that has the most impact on our current life.

This is because it may help to remove blockages such as irrational fears, traumas, or phobias. A past life regression may also help you to understand certain difficult people in your current life.

It may also show you who your helpful people are in this lifetime.

Past Life Regression
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