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Mystery schools, in ancient times, taught spiritual truths. Our courses offer a revival of this precious knowledge in a format that is contemporary, easy to understand and easily accessible anywhere!

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This one hour class explains how intuition works. Why we have it and how it is designed to keep us safe... when we listen! You will also learn some tips and strategies to enhance your own intuition.

Tina and I talk to the dead and help them cross over. A ghost is a soul who is literally stuck between dimensions and they need our help. They don't need to be hunted. Yes, even ghosts incur karma. By helping the dead to cross over, it helps your karma and theirs. Learn how YOU can become a ghost helper and not a ghost hunter.

We know from personal experience how important knowledge is when it comes to taking back your power. Whether you are being haunted, desire to know how to raise your frequency, or to better understand the relationships in your life, our books offer you a direct path to Better Karma for Better Living.®