Karma is our passion.

•Have psychic abilities?

•Fearful of embarking on a spiritual path alone?

•Feel as if unseen forces are working against you?

•What can you do now?

•Let us be your guides into the land of the fantastic, the mysterious, and the Divine .

Everyone has a karmic path, whether they are aware of if or not. We do not live in a bubble and every person’s actions and reactions collide and echo out. Our weekly show shares with you a new way of looking at life so you can improve your karmic path.

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Soul Evolution: Past Lives & Karmic Ties

This book is a must have for anyone who is interested in learning more about their spiritual path.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience and we spend more time outside of a mortal body than in one. With that in mind, do all souls evolve? Can some de-evolve? How does karma and free will impact us? How do I know what my soul's purpose is? Why am I here? This book unravels the questions of the ages and answers them with a 21st century viewpoint that includes, reincarnation, current life experiences, childhood, soul frequency, and insights into helping you figure out what your soul purpose(s) and or soul mission may be.