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If your living space feels off, you can’t keep it clean, or you see things out of the corner of your eye, there are issues of negative unseen energies/entities around that can be removed with home & space clearing.








What Is Home & Space Clearing?

There is no such thing as a perfect home or property. They are always works in progress, and this includes clearing detrimental energies. We often think of this as hauntings. There may be ghost/s that are negatively impacting your home. Or it may be some form of dark entity that has taken up residence in your home or both.

If you find that you have chronic plumbing, electrical, or other unexplainable issues, there may be an energetic reason why.

The goal is to help you create a living space that is calm, welcoming, peaceful, and safe for you and your family. This will not happen if your home is haunted. 

What Are the Benefits of Home Energy & Space Clearing?

After a home and space clearing, you may notice that your house feels and looks brighter and cleaner. This can be especially true if you find yourself constantly cleaning your home and it seems to always feel dirty.

Most importantly, you may find that you and your loved ones have a better night’s sleep once the home is cleared of negative energies and entities.

What Does Spiritually Cleansing Your Home Entail?

We will have a Zoom meeting or a phone call (your choice) and go over some of the issues. We will then remote view the property to see what is happening on a psychic/etheric level.

For more information about remote viewing, check out this article: Remote Viewing: The Psychic Phenomenon Explained

All ghostly souls will be crossed over, and all negative entities will be properly removed- permanently. We will also look for any weak points (portals) that may give access and close them. 

When To Consider Home & Space Clearing

If you sense you are never alone in your home or that that are areas of your home that you do not feel comfortable being in, there may be an unseen, energetic reason why.

If your home is subject to constant fighting and arguing, there may be dark entities literally imposing themselves on you or your loved ones to get reactions from you. Many times, with a home clearing, this type of behavior quickly diminishes.

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