Spiritual Consultation



Do you have questions about your soul’s purpose? Are you questioning
your next move? In this spiritual consultation session, you will work with Laura as a team to best guide you and your needs.



What is a Spiritual Consultation?

A spiritual consultation is designed to help you better understand what your soul’s purpose is, and for most of us, we may have more than one purpose. Our soul purposes change as we navigate through life.

Understanding your soul’s purposes will help you live your life with more intention and wisdom. Problem-solving and troubleshooting difficult moments become met with more clarity and ease.

If you are seeking a stronger connection to your Higher Self or information from your Higher Self, a Spiritual Consultation will be helpful.

When you work with your Higher Self and build that connection, it helps you to navigate through physical, emotional, or relationship concerns that you may have.

We are spiritual beings far before we were ever human beings. And let’s face it, being human is not for the faint of heart these days.

What Will I Discover?

Discovery is one of the most precious elements of living a mortal life. We incarnate here for the experiences our souls need on our karmic path. As each person’s soul needs are different, each person’s results are different. It’s about YOU and what YOU need. 

You will discover how to connect with your Higher Self and be given guidance from your Higher Self in this process. For example, you may find there is the need to remove some unnecessary or detrimental emotions such as guilt, blame, and shame.

When you can do this, you may discover you learn to better control your thoughts and actions. You can learn how to release them to find more joy and balance within your life.

Many times, these negative emotions are implanted within us, beginning with childhood. This is just one of the myriads of possibilities.

What to Expect from Your Spiritual Consultation

We work together. Any spiritual consultation you may seek out is for you and your soul’s health. This is why we work together as a team to best help you.

Other spiritual practitioners simply tell you what they think may be incorrect and may set you off your natural course. This is why working together for your greater good is ideal.

You may find stress and anxiety levels are reduced. Since you are working at a deeper spiritual level, there is the opportunity to clear detrimental energies from your energetic field.

Many times, these unexplained or irrational anxieties and fears are not ours. Learning what is yours or not yours helps you to ascend on your spiritual path.

Ultimately, the goal is to assist you in making wiser and more thoughtful decisions. Learn to be more mindful in your thinking to help you stay in the present and improve your self-awareness.

All these elements lead us back to our Higher Self and our connection to the Divine, or GodSource.

When Should I Consider a Spiritual Consultation

If you feel you are at a crossroads and seeking advice on a specific topic, such as a career move, a relationship issue, or seeking spiritual advice in general, a spiritual consultation may be very beneficial. 

 If you feel there are multiple aspects you would like to address, you may find it more beneficial to schedule a group of four sessions at a discounted rate.

Soul Tribe


My book, Soul Tribe is here to assist and guide us, as we embark on our spiritual journey. With trust and intention we can consciously build and create our Soul Tribe.

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