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Remote Viewing: The Psychic Phenomenon Explained

What Is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing (RV) is the ability to project one’s consciousness and subconscious to another time, space, and dimension. To better understand this concept, we need to understand that we are spiritual beings, way before we were ever human beings. Our souls have resided in spaces and places that were not on this earth.

Remote viewing is also a part of the psychic skill sets, just like clairvoyance

A Brief History of the Origins of Psychic Remote Viewing

The concept of remote viewing transcends time, language, and culture. In ancient history, a remote viewer may have been called an ‘oracle,’ for example. In more recent times, many governments have created remote viewing programs to defeat their enemy or to help find kidnapped persons. 

Remote viewing was made more mainstream by researchers from the Stanford Research Institute with physicists Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff.  This term was created by Ingo Swann.

What Is the Purpose of Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is most used to help find answers and solve problems. I have been able to use my remote viewing skills to ‘see’ what types of nefarious entities are harassing a client, and the most important aspect of this is to then properly remove them. When I do this type of work, I am remote viewing in the 4th dimension. Some call this limbo the lower astral or hells.

There have also been a few occasions where I have been asked to locate missing persons. This is a different type of remote viewing where I need to learn how to see what the missing person is seeing. Then to make it a bit more complicated, I must figure out if the person is still alive.

Remote Viewing: What Is It?

What Are the Three Main Types of Remote Viewing?

Associative Remote Viewer (ARV)

This type of remote viewing has become a type of methodology to gain profits. The idea is this type of remote viewing is useful to predict events, including stock market predictions, lottery numbers, and casino gaming. While this sounds fantastic, we need to remember that this type of remote viewing may come at a karmic cost. Meaning if one is manipulating futures for their personal benefit while exploiting others, there can be unforeseen consequences- karma always seeks balance.

Extended Remote Viewer (ERV)

The term Extended Remote Viewing was originally coined by Captain Skip Atwater. This form of remote viewing is when the viewer is put into a near-theta state of relaxation and is attended by an interviewer who directs and asks the viewer questions. Typically, this type of remote viewing takes longer, but the results may be more exact.

Controlled Remote Viewer (CRV)

Controlled remote viewing is often geography-based. This type of remote viewing gained popularity during the Cold War when the United States learned that Russia had remote viewing programs. CRV focuses on the physicality of objects and places. If you watched the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, there is a scene where Richard Dreyfus keeps getting these impulses or urges that he can’t quite understand, and then he ends up building Devil’s Tower (Wyoming) out of mashed potatoes. This movie offers a great understanding of how CRV works even with Hollywood-style embellishments.

Can Anyone Learn to Become a Remote Viewer?

It’s a fair question to ask if anyone can become a remote viewer. Learning to RV is about building up your psychic skill sets. It’s a spiritual practice that carries with it karmic implications. For example, I would never, ever remotely view your home without your permission. That is a violation of your personal space. It’s not much different than the concept of a home intruder entering your home and going through your possessions. To learn how to properly remote view, one needs to understand some basic tenets of spiritual law. 

Remote viewing is like training for an athletic event. If you are a couch potato, I wouldn’t recommend you sign up for the Ironman World Championship race next month. You need to spend time training your body and mind for the event.

When it comes to remote psychic viewing, there are many institutions that offer training, and I have yet to find any that offer spiritual protection practices. When one is remotely viewing, there are all types of unseen entities and energies that you can pick up that are harmful. This is because we are more than just human beings; we are spiritual beings.

I worked with a man who went to a remote viewing facility on the east coast to learn how to remote view. When he came back, his five-year-old daughter started becoming terrified and screaming ‘nothing’. It turns out that dark entities flock to this institute to find their victims. After I worked with him, this is a distant memory for him and his daughter.

Where Do These Abilities Come From?

Sometimes RV is an innate ability, meaning it just happens naturally.  When this is the case, chances are pretty good that this remote viewer has had RV experiences in his/her past lives.  We all have heard of some type of anomaly where a three-year-old child can play the piano better than Mozart did. Why is this? Chances are that the soul’s purpose is to excel in music, and they reincarnate with the same mindset over and over to become the best. Someone who has a natural remote viewing ability has done this before.

Psychic Remote Viewing Explained

Open Your Aperture of Perception

If you are interested in remote viewing, start by learning to listen and trust your intuition. Our intuition is our most powerful psychic ability. As we learn to develop our intuition, our natural psychic centers will open gradually. If you are an impatient Aries, like me, learning to be patient in this process is critical. 

When I work with a client, we work together as a team, and I do this by assisting the client with remote viewing. We learn to see the same elements so that the client can see what is happening to them ‘behind the scenes,’ and we clean up the energies and/or entities. I work this way for a few reasons. One is validation in the non-tangible world is important, but it also assists the client on a much deeper level.

If you are ready to unlock your intuitive powers and experience the profound benefits of remote viewing, click here to explore how my services can support your journey toward greater clarity and healing.