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What Is Entity Attachment? (3 Types Of Attachments)

What is Entity Attachment?

An entity attachment is the concept of some force that overshadows or attaches to us, to our soul.  There are many types of entities that exist. Understanding how the unseen world works is critical to keeping your soul healthy and free of dark entities.  Most of the work I do is to remove these forces from families and homes. There are a wide variety of these entities that exist. Because of this, I rarely use the word “spirit.” For me, it is not specific enough to know what I am dealing with.

For more information on types of entities, I have created a short video.

We live in the third dimension. This is the land of time, space, and dimension. These elements give us our physicality. The ability to see, touch, taste, hear, and smell. Many of the nefarious entities reside in the fourth dimension, the hells, limbo, lower astral. These beings fell from the light of GodSource and use human energies and frequencies to feed and sustain themselves. They do this by attaching to us in a variety of different ways.

If we can’t see them, then how can they exist? It wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t believe washing hands could save lives. Until the invention of the microscope, we were not able to see viruses and bacteria. These elements went unseen by the naked eye. The same is true for unseen entities. Sometimes our technologies can capture unexplained phenomena.

What Is a Spirit Entity Attachment?

A spirit entity attachment is an unseen entity that gains access to our energy field and utilizes our energies for its benefit. At the same time, they do harm our souls. These attachments can also mitigate our free will by planting thoughts in our heads that are not ours. And getting us to react to situations in a manner that would not be our norm. 

What Is Entity Attachment? (3 Types Of Attachments)

What Creates an Entity Attachment?

There are many factors that can create an entity attachment. But the bottom line is that it comes down to the person’s frequency, soul history, and soul strength. How do we conduct our lives, and how do we compromise ourselves? How do we treat others and ourselves? Are we of service to self or of service to others? When we treat ourselves well and are working towards the betterment of humanity, it makes it more difficult for them to gain access to us.

Living a mortal life is not easy, and many of us experience traumas. These traumas create cracks in our foundations that give these dark entities access to us. It’s not fair, but nothing is fair in war, and we are amid a spiritual war with these beings. However, when we learn to heal those traumas, we take our power back and regain our soul sovereignty. If we don’t tend to our wounds, these cracks increase in numbers and can grow deeper. We all experience traumas to some degree; the more we seek healing and learn from them, the stronger our soul becomes.

Addictions are a form of trauma and self-inflicted abuse. It’s also worth noting that addiction is a spiritual issue. Why? Because addictions are perpetuated by dark entities.

They will do everything in their power to keep a person addicted because this gives them easy access to their soul energy. Overcoming an addiction may be one of the hardest aspects a person can do.

However, once the entities are removed and the person’s field is protected, removing the addictions may become substantially easier.

Signs of an Entity Attachment

There are many signs that you may have an entity attachment. There are physical signs such as unexplained scratches or bruising, chronic fatigue, and odd sensations such as buzzing or tingling. 

Some mental signs of entity attachment are brain fog and the inability to concentrate, disturbing nightmares or thoughts that are not your own, or hearing voices in your head that do not have your greater good in mind.

There are emotional signs such as unexplained anxiety or fears. Mood swings and excessive crying without a reason may also be indications of entity attachments.

Perhaps you are always feeling like you are being watched, or you see something out of the corner of your eye, such as a dark shadow or a silhouette. These are all psychic awareness signs that there is something not quite right.

There are also several environmental signs that you have dark entities around you. Objects may move or disappear. You may find you have chronic mechanical, plumbing, or electrical issues in your home. You may also feel like your home is never clean.

What are the 3 Types of Entity Attachments?

3 Types Of Entity Attachments

There are many types of entities out there. These are three of the most basic types. Ultimately, they all have the same agenda- to take our energy and lower our frequency so that they can have easier access to us and even our loved ones.

The Hitchhiker

These types of beings latch onto us. They create low-key fatigue. We may sleep all night and still wake up tired. Or we may not be able to sleep at all.

The Parasite

There are many types of parasitic entities. Basically, these guys are the low man on the totem pole. They drain us of our energy; then they must forfeit what they got to their bosses, so to speak.

The Possessor

These guys are the ultimate bad news. They can overpower a person’s soul and take over the physical body. When I have a client with this type of possession, removing the entities is one step, but soul retrieval is paramount. Then it is crucial to close all the openings in our energetic field so others can never enter that space.

Can Entity Attachments Be Removed?

Entity attachments can be removed. Depending on what they are, how they got there, will determine how to remove them.  There are some methods that are helpful. These are all a form of spiritual practices and they do take practice. 

What Does Spirit Attachment Removal Entail?

When I work with a client, safety is paramount. We will work together as a team in this process. If you are hiring a practitioner to help you, ask them questions. Ask them about their processes. Look at that person’s general health. Are they a smoker or an alcoholic? Are they chronically ill? If there are any red or even orange flags, run. Your soul health deserves the best. There are practitioners out there who may not fully know what they are doing or are flat-out charlatans.

What to Do If You Suspect You Have a Negative Spirit Energy Attachment?

If you suspect you have a negative spirit energy attachment, please note that sage does not work. Sage is the dark entity’s tool to make us complacent so that they can continue to gain access to our soul energy. Sage is antimicrobial and tasty in some foods. But it does not have the spiritual horsepower to rid one of the dark entities. It’s a bunch of dried, crispy leaves from a bush. Folks, if sage really worked, this planet should not have any dark entities left on it, as this is what most people do in desperation. I know, I have tried it, and it never worked.

One is to visualize a rain of salt pouring you’re your home and spaces. Salt cleanses in all dimensions. Lower-frequency beings can’t handle this and must let go. 

Using high-frequency essential oils such as frankincense will also aid in shoring up your energy field.

Connecting to GodSource, the Divine, Higher Self through prayer and meditation is also helpful.

This post is not meant to instill fear but to give us knowledge because knowledge is power.

If you suspect that negative spirit energy may be affecting your life, take action now and reach out to us for help. Our Entity & Implant Removal services are designed to remove entity attachments and restore your spiritual well-being effectively. Contact us today to experience a profound transformation.