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What Are Etheric Implants & How Do They Affect Us?

Etheric implants are energetic forces that negatively influence us by suppressing our frequency and hindering our success in different aspects of life. These implants, designed to control our behaviors and siphon our energy, are utilized by certain beings and entities that seek to tap into our energy fields. In this article, we will explore the origins of etheric implants, their detrimental effects, and the importance of identifying and removing them to promote spiritual growth and overall well-being.

What Are Etheric Implants 

To better understand the concept of an etheric implant, we need to understand that we are multidimensional beings. Our souls are eternal. We have lived many lifetimes and our souls exist between lifetimes.

The human soul is not the only type out there in the universe. There are countless other beings and entities that exist outside of our earthly time, space, and dimension. I find it interesting when people talk about searching for life on other planets because they are assuming that life on other planets must look like life on our planet. This is a narrow way of thinking. 

If you have listened to some of my recent YouTube videos, you may have heard me speak about the spiritual war we are in and the importance of building a healthy soul. The concept of an etheric implant is that it is an energetic force that influences us in an inorganic manner.

These types of implants may be designed to keep us from succeeding in many aspects of our lives. These implants can control us in many ways.

They are designed to suppress our frequency, to hold us back. 

What Are Etheric Implants 

How Does an Etheric Implant Come About?

There are several ways in which etheric implants can come about. One manner are negative emotions such as guilt, blame, and shame.

This trio of emotions are often preprogrammed beliefs stemming from childhood can create cracks in our soul’s foundation. They are also low vibrational and can keep us in fear mode.

These types of emotions should be considered opportunities for growth and increased self-awareness. When we work hard to overcome obstacles in life by removing negative patterns, we grow spiritually. Spiritual growth is about attaining knowledge and wisdom as we move about on our karmic path.

Emotional implants tend to look, feel, and respond as energy blockages. Clearing up an energy blockage may be relatively easy, but we also must do the hard work of the why and how it got there. If you grew up in an environment where you were verbally assaulted and belittled, never having the opportunity to learn to stand up for yourself, you might find, as a teen or adult, your body rings with fears when it comes to the ability to speak your truth. Or it may have caused you to have uncontrollable anger outbursts.

These are a form of emotional etheric implants that you can remove by learning strategies to use your voice and speak your truth. This may not happen overnight because what you are learning to do is break a detrimental pattern. When you do this, you also help those around you to grow by leading by example.

What Causes An Etheric Implant?

Entity attachments are one of the main causes of etheric implants. (And this is the part where you may think, does Laura also write science fiction?) This is the big and scary one for most folks. But remember, knowledge is power. 

There are many types of nefarious entities and beings out there that need our energy. When these beings left the Light of GodSource, they quickly realized they needed an energy source because they no longer had access to the Light. Their ‘aha moment’ was humanity. They realized humans are direct GodSource energy, and if they can tap into our fields, they can then sustain themselves.  

One way they do this is through etheric implants. We need to remember and reinforce the concept that they need us, we do not need them. The manner in which they interfere with us is also a violation of Spiritual Law. These beings are very similar to parasites. Parasites that reside outside of the third dimension. 

Mental illness may be a separate issue. If you are struggling mentally and are becoming overpowered by harmful thoughts, you may need to speak to a medical practitioner. 

Is an Etheric Implant a Negative Force?

Yes. The Light Side, the benevolent beings, such as angels, cannot manipulate us in this manner, as it is a violation of our free will. Humanity was gifted the concept of free will so that we may learn and grow on many levels. Etheric implants mitigate our free will as these energetic devices that are meant to control our behaviors, siphon our energy, and may even cause physical ailments that are unexplained by the medical communities. 

Etheric implants are designed to act as controllers to dumb us down, make us complacent, to keep us sleeping. Oftentimes, these implants will influence our emotions and behaviors so that the dark entities can harvest these energies. But we do not have to comply. Again, knowledge is power.

How Do Etheric Implants Work?

Etheric implants tap into our energy fields, usually through our chakras, but not always. There are many types of implants, and each type has a specific purpose and action. When I work with a client, I will remotely view their energy field with them, looking for implants with the intention of removing them and finding the cause. This is sophisticated energetic work. 

One common example of an etheric implant is these devices that look like battery watches and have these fine filaments or threads. At the other end of these filaments are another small implant or device. The issue with these is that one must be extremely thorough in the process.

Many times, they attach directly to the heart. Many consider the heart to be the seed atom of the soul. This gives them direct access to your soul.

Signs You Have an Etheric Implant

Some of the physical signs you may be dealing with an entity implant are you may be chronically tired and have odd body sensations such as buzzing, humming, tingling, or numbness. One of the more common elements is a nonproductive cough. This is a chronic, low-key cough that seems to last forever. There appears to be no reason for it. You were never ill. Or if you were, it was months ago, and this cough still lingers.

Others may have more mental signs that something is amiss, such as thoughts that are not your own, such as “Why am I thinking this?”. You might hear voices in your head that don’t have your greater good in mind. You may have difficulty concentrating and experience something called brain fog. 

There are also emotional signs that may lead one to consider they are dealing with etheric implants, such as mood swings, unexplained anxieties or fears, and sudden emotional outbursts such as crying without reason.

For those that are a bit more on the sensitive side, you may be feeling like there is something that seems to be off without much of an explanation. 

How to Remove Etheric Implants

How to Remove Etheric Implants

The key is frequency. Learning how to raise our frequency is a constant process. At the most basic, bringing elements of joy into your life, going outside in nature, and playing high-frequency music are some ways to raise the frequency of you and your home. The more we work on improving our frequency, the harder it is for these dark ones to attach to us.

Retain your soul sovereignty. “I do not consent to any implants or negative entities to be in my space. I hereby request all implants to be removed. RIGHT NOW.” This mantra is helpful, but please note there may also be other elements that need to be addressed before this can fully work.

Is It Safe to Remove an Etheric Implant?

Etheric implants that are emotionally driven energy blockers can be removed as you continue working on improving your spiritual path. Etheric implant removals are considered safe.

However, it is always up to you to find a reliable practitioner. This is always your responsibility because you are your soul. Such removals may really help you as you move forward in life.

During an etheric implant removal, some people may feel sensations of slight tugging, pulling or a release. You may also feel significantly lighter and see more clearly. You may feel unexplainably brighter as it is a sign of soul health and wellness.

What Should I Do If I Think I Have an Etheric Implant

I encourage anyone who may suspect they have some of the signs listed above to consider looking for a well-qualified practitioner to help. Ask them what their experiences are, what are the expected results, and how does the practitioner clear themselves between clients. Your soul’s health and well-being is worth it!

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