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What Is an Indigo Aura & What Does It Mean?

Our auras connect our mind, body, and soul. There are many colors, variations, and degrees of color. These colors change and flow throughout our existence, even in our daily encounters. It is even possible to have a multi-colored aura. An indigo aura is thought to have certain desired qualities of advanced spirituality.

Understanding Auras and Aura Colors

An aura is a type of energetic forcefield. If you think back to any version of the Star Trek series, whenever the ship is under attack, someone says something like, “Captain, the shields are down 18%”.  And then we see the spaceship appears to be shaking, and the actors rumble back and forth. Or “Captain, the shields are down to 26% and are failing”.

When this happens, there is some type of alien species invading the ship, trying to take it over, and a battle ensues. If we can use the Star Trek shields as a type of metaphor for our auric fields, it’s an easier way to wrap our heads around this concept. We cannot see the shields around the ship. It is a type of unseen energy, but they can measure the strength of the forcefield.

When our auric field is strong, it keeps our mind, body, and soul in a healthier space because it is a form of protection. It acts like a barrier. For example, have you ever been so busy that when you finally get to rest, you feel like you are coming down with a cold but don’t? It could be that your auric field pushed out that virus so that it could not attack your system.

 What Is An Indigo Aura?

What Is in An Aura & What Do They Tell Us?

To better understand what an aura is and the colors involved, it’s important to understand the function of auras and how frequency works. Everybody’s aura is unique to them based on their experiences. When someone is dealing with significant traumas, it may be more difficult to create a strong and solid aura, though not impossible. The opposite is also true, when we are calm, focused, and working with intention on our spiritual path, we can learn to heal and strengthen our aura. 

What Does Aura Color Mean?

Do you remember having to learn this acronym in elementary school, ROY G BIV? These letters stand for the ordered color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Colors are light wave frequencies. All colors are some variations of the three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Each wavelength (color) carries a specific frequency. 

White is the combination of all the colors in the spectrum. In a sense, white light carries all the frequencies. Black is the absence of all colors and is the absence of light.

In a very general sense, here are colors and what they may represent. 

  • Red: passion, love, anger, artistic
  • Orange: vitality, relationships both positive and negative
  • Yellow: happiness, joy, playfulness
  • Green: love, kindness, heart-centered, compassionate
  • Blue: communications, intuitive, thoughtful, wise
  • Indigo: truth seeker, inner knowing, spiritual
  • Violet: artistic, creative, wise
  • Grey/black or muddied in color: anxiety or disconnect

What Is an Indigo Aura & What Does It Mean?

Currently, the modern spiritual theory is hot on the concept of Indigo Auras. It is purported that people with an indigo aura may be more spiritual than others or that they may have more advanced psychic abilities. The truth is all colors and frequencies are important.

A word of caution: True spirituality is never a contest. This is where ego drives the human condition, and it can get us into some trouble. Additionally, we need to understand that our auras ebb and flow and change all the time based on our experiences and surroundings. 

What Does Indigo Represent?

It is said that a person with an indigo aura is generally one who has a deeper understanding of themselves and others. They may be less quick to judge people and situations because they understand we are all on our own unique paths based on the experiences we need for our own soul evolution and growth.

Characteristics of Individuals with an Indigo Aura?

A person with an indigo aura may have a strong sense of intuition, which leads to increased psychic abilities. There tends to be inner wisdom in their words and the choices they make. They may be more deliberate in their actions and less reactive when it comes to emotional responses.

What Is the Connection Between Indigo Auras and Spirituality?

 What Is An Indigo Aura & What Does It Mean?

Those who have an indigo aura are thought to be on a more spiritually evolved path. These are the people who may be referred to as old or wise souls. You may feel you were born a light worker and has high (and realistic) expectations of yourself.

However, it should be noted that spirituality is a harmonic scale, meaning that everything ebbs and flows, goes up and down. Having said this, every aspect of us is spiritual.

The difference is intention.

Are we deliberately working on our spirituality? If so, ask yourself why and what is your purpose for doing so. When we become introspective and honest with ourselves, we gain the ability to see aspects and elements of our lives on a deeper level.

Indigo Auras and Psychic Abilities

Developing our intuition aids in developing our psychic abilities. There are many types of psychic abilities, and within each type, there are many facets and degrees. It’s important to understand that these abilities are learned and earned over many lifetimes. Psychic abilities can even be taken away when we use them to cause harm or injustice.

Spiritual Missions

There are those who choose to incarnate on this planet to help humanity are on a spiritual mission. Not everyone has a soul mission or soul contract, and it’s important to understand we are all here for a myriad of different reasons. 

We all incarnate here with many soul purposes. Soul purposes are wide and varied. Maybe it is to learn how to overcome an addiction, learn how to get along with certain personality types, learn how to care of an ill loved one, and on and on. These soul purposes are crucial to our soul development.

A soul mission may be someone who sees a certain element of human suffering and works to rectify it, such as creating some type of device that delivers affordable clean water. It could also be someone who has an innate understanding of how the spiritual realms work and shares those thoughts and insights to help strengthen humanity.

How to Nurture an Indigo Aura (and cultivate one)

It is possible to work on building a stronger and deeply spiritual indigo aura. Look at elements in your life and learn what is working for you and what may not be working so well and why. Meditation and prayer are also those key moments where we seek guidance and clarity in our lives. Give yourself the gift of time, the time to spend with yourself, and get to know yourself even better. It’s those moments in the time we gift ourselves that we can take a pause and be introspective. This can be especially true after going through a trying or difficult time. Ask yourself what did you learn and what would you do differently?

These are the types of actions we can take to cultivate a strong and healthy aura.

Are you ready to embark on this enlightening path of self-discovery?

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