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Soul Sovereignty: Embracing Your Spiritual Autonomy

Soul sovereignty is crucial to our spiritual autonomy. When we strive for spiritual autonomy, we also advance spiritually will enhance which helps us to improve our lives by freeing ourselves of negative energies and even dark entities

Understanding Soul Sovereignty

Soul sovereignty is about spiritual freedom and free will. We need to understand that there are many facets, layers, and aspects to achieving soul sovereignty. One important aspect is the fact that God/Source, has gifted humanity free will.

This means we can make choices based on the circumstances and situations around us. Each choice we make has a ripple effect that echoes out to those around us, whether we are aware of it or not.

The same holds true for those actions we receive from others. 

What Is Spiritual Autonomy?

When we make free will choices, we are afforded the opportunity to learn from our decisions. This enables us to grow and develop on many levels. The ability to make wise decisions with the information at hand, affords us true spiritual autonomy.

Many times, we are being bombarded outside influences that will affect our free will and spiritual autonomy. The key is to learn to recognize when we are being influenced and learn what to do about it.

The Importance of Embracing Soul Sovereignty

Soul Sovereignty

When we begin to embrace our soul sovereignty, we begin to tap into our personal power. We begin to break free from the chains that bind us.

The wisdom, inner knowing, and self-guidance becomes easier, and so does connecting to our spirit guides and other higher dimensional beings.

Personal Growth and Empowerment

When we attain soul sovereignty, we get to claim our path, our decisions, and our well-being and walk forward with intention and discernment. When we are guided by our intuition, we create our own journeys and experiences.

We are now in control of mastering what we want to learn. Is it financial freedom? Or is it success in relationships? Is it learning new skill sets?

The opportunities are endless.

Connection with Higher Self

As we learn to improve and enhance our soul sovereignty, we gain access to knowledge from the higher realms.

This is a learning process.

The connections we create with our higher self can grow stronger and stronger.

Steps to Achieve Spiritual Autonomy

All of us must recognize that we are all spiritual souls that have existed back throughout time, space, and dimension. We are eternal. All of us are multidimensional. We are always a work in progress.

#1) Recognizing Your Inner Power

We are not here to live perfect lives. We are here to learn and experience what life is like in a mortal body. If our lives were perfect, there would be no learning opportunities. There are no perfect parents, perfect children, perfect bosses.

You get the idea. Once we can begin to recognize what we have learned and how we have grown, we take back our power.

#2) Practicing Mindfulness and Meditation

One of the best, most powerful gifts we can give ourselves is that of time. When we gift ourselves the time to be mindful- the ability to be present and in the moment, we get to experience life a bit more fully. For example, you are hosting a family reunion.

It’s easy to rush around, ensuring everything is perfect and that everyone is having a wonderful time. But do you give yourself permission to stand back, observe, and feel the joy you created for others? Do you allow yourself to participate in the activities, or are you too busy taking pictures or texting?

Life nowadays is extremely fast-paced. Being mindful brings us back to our soul energy.

Mediation is another important soul-silver gift we all need to give ourselves. When we meditate, we slow down and listen to ourselves, our spiritual teams, and GodSource.

Here is where we get the information and knowledge we are seeking. 

#3) Setting Boundaries

Failing to set boundaries is, perhaps, one of the most detrimental actions we can take to attain soul sovereignty. Failing to set boundaries is a form of self-harm. There are degrees to which the boundaries may be reached.

For example, if your boss is constantly asking you to take on more and more without compensation for time off or bonuses, you begin to be his doormat, so to speak. This is a form of self-neglect and harm. It’s up to each of us to learn how to set appropriate boundaries.

Not only will it help us, but it will also help those around us.  

Common Challenges in Embracing Soul Sovereignty

The biggest common challenge in embracing soul sovereignty is understanding that progress, all progress, is a big deal. Whenever we make changes or improve our situations, our souls reap the benefits.

Overcoming External Influences

Soul sovereignty means we no longer need to rely on external sources for confirmation or making decisions. Our soul already knows the answer.

We can vet or test the answers to ensure we are on the right track.

This form of inner knowing may ebb and flow as we learn self-mastery in this area.

Dealing with Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is often based on our self-esteem. We all have come here with some sort of self-doubt in various areas, and that is part of our learning curve. This is one area where our mind and our personality come into play.

Self-doubt is one aspect that is a basic element of being human and learning how to rise above. Self-doubt ties into our egos. A healthy ego means we are assured of our decisions. For example, I would want my surgeon to have a healthy ego in his practice.

This same surgeon may have to work on other interpersonal self-doubts, such as family balance.

Tools and Practices for Maintaining Spiritual Autonomy

There are many tools we can use to help us along our way when it comes to soul sovereignty and spiritual autonomy. 

Journaling for Self-Reflection

When you come across a pattern or blockage, write down what it is. This is your prompt. Meaning, from there, write down your thoughts, emotions, situations and any other encounter.

Start to look for patterns. You can meditate and reflect on your circumstances. As you do this, you will find new answers and abilities to release what no longer serves you.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies help us to create consistency and patterns in our mortal lives. They also will help us connect to the higher self and GodSource energies.

It’s important to note that you know that any rituals or ceremonies leave you feeling in a good space that you have not compromised yourself in any way.

Conclusion: Embracing Your Spiritual Path with Confidence

True soul autonomy may feel like a bowl of alphabet soup. All the letters and words are there, but they are all mixed up. Learning how to sort the letters to make sense of it all is a puzzle. But it’s a puzzle worth working on toward completion.

If you are seeking guidance on your spiritual path, a Spiritual Consultation may be helpful.