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What Is a Dark Entity & How Do You Get Rid of Them? (5 Tips)

The question of dark entities and how to rid ourselves of them seems to be gaining more awareness and traction as we consciously embark on our ascension process. But what is a dark entity? There are many types of dark entities; really, it’s a “Who’s Who in the Spiritual Zoo.” Each species of dark entity carries its own set of politics, hierarchies, and how they attach to us. The “why” is almost always the same: they need our energy to sustain themselves.

In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about dark entities and how to protect yourself against their influence.

Introduction to Dark Entities

A dark entity is a glorified parasite. Meaning we don’t need them; they need us. When these entities left the light of God, they no longer had an energy source. In their need to refuel themselves, they found humanity and realized that we all come from the light of GodSource energy.

Understanding Dark Entities and Their Influence

What Is A Dark Entity?

First, we need a basic understanding of dimensions. As humans, we exist in the third dimension. This dimension has time, space, and gravity. We have the time and physical space to have the experiences we need and the gravity to anchor us into this dimension. 

When we leave our physical bodies, we are supposed to go from the third to the fourth dimension to raise our frequency before ascending to the higher realms (fifth and above). When the dark entities left GodSource energy, they ended up hijacking the fourth dimension.

Not only do they now call this their home, but this is also the same dimension in which ghosts reside. This is the most important concept we need to understand. Ghost energy, former humans, are stuck in this dimension and ghosts need help to cross over no matter how they lived their lives.

It’s not up to us to judge where someone goes upon death. 

A dark entity can also capture ghost souls. They can also reincarnate ghost souls; when this happens, the dark side has perpetual access to their souls. There is no soul healing and restoration afforded to them from this lower dimension. They end up being reincarnated more and more broken and in many different ways. It’s heartbreaking at best. 

This is also one way in which these dark ones can capture family lines. Have you ever wondered why certain negative family traits get passed down, such as addictions or sexual abuse?

It’s because the dark entities have access to our souls.  It sounds scary and it is. But it can also be as simple as one family member choosing to break free and that has the potential to shift the entire family lineage.

The Importance of Addressing A Dark Entity

These dark entities don’t want us to realize that they exist. They want to remain hidden from us. They want us to reject the idea of their existence as a form of cognitive dissonance. Why? Because this gives them the upper hand in their pursuit of humanity.

Identifying Signs of Dark Entity Presence

Recognizing Energetic Disturbances

Energetic disturbances can vary widely from constant electronic, plumbing, or mechanical issues. You may feel as if a room or space feels oppressive or uneasy. 

Behavioral and Emotional Clues

If you find yourself suddenly having mood swings, such as crying without any reason, this is a good indication that something in the energetic world is amiss. Unexplained anxieties and suddenly feeling angry or fearful are also good indications that you may be in the presence of dark entities.

The Five Tips for Removing A Dark Entity

What Is A Dark Entity & How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

These five tips are all related to the frequency and embodying the true spiritual work as you go about your karmic path.

 #1) Cleansing and Purifying Your Space

The phrase, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” is an important one to remember.  Keeping our physical spaces clean and free from clutter, dust, and the like increases the frequency of our home. When a home space is unorganized, cluttered, and dirty, the energy is stagnant and does not flow. It literally invites “lower realm entities” into your home.

These are the small, wispy little guys whose job it is to upset us and our loved ones over matters that are inconsequential. They then give the energy that they extract from the humans to their bosses. 

There are a million recommendations on the internet that tell us how to cleanse our spaces. Frankly, most are not that effective. If they were, we would not be having this conversation. Any citrus essential oil can help to shift the energy of a space. You can add it to a spray bottle of water and spray areas that you sense are negative or of a lower vibration

#2) Seek Professional Help

If you are feeling inundated by dark forces, you may need to seek a professional entity removal service to help you. If you are seeking outside help, make sure you are going to work with someone with a proven track record, is in good health, and is willing to explain to you what is happening and include you in the process. Never, ever take someone else’s word as gold about your situation.

#3) Strengthening Your Spiritual Protection

We have been in a spiritual war for millennia. It’s time we take a hard look at our spiritual practices and discern what is working for us and what is not. For more information on strengthening your spiritual protection, check out our Karmic Path YouTube page.

#4) Raising Your Vibrational Frequency To Ward Off A Dark Entity

When it comes to raising our vibrational frequencies, find one to three new elements that you want to try. Incorporate them into your spiritual practice routines and evaluate them in a month or so. How have things changed? Have there been improvements? 

#5) Inner Healing and Self-Reflection

Looking at how we conduct our lives, looking for negative patterns, and evaluating how we act and react to situations around us is an important act of self-reflection. Spend time with yourself. If you find you don’t like to be alone with yourself, why is that? After all, you are your soul and are you avoiding something that would be helpful to address?

Maintaining a Protected and Positive Energy Field

Doctors and lawyers have practices, right? Why shouldn’t we also have our own practices, our spiritual practices? When we create consistent and protective spaces, the benefits are limitless.

Regular Spiritual Maintenance

This is key to keeping the dark side out. If you are new to these concepts, start small. Start with a three-minute meditation in the morning and/or in the evening. Play Mozart or other proven high-frequency music in your home.

Don’t trust someone else’s YouTube rendering of their high-frequency music. How would you really know? If you look at Dr. Masuro Emoto’s work, Messages from Water, he literally shows us how the vibrational frequencies of Mozart’s music balance and lighten the crystalline structure of water.

Empowering Yourself to Confront and Eliminate Dark Entities

These dark entities want us to bury our heads in the sand and not acknowledge that they exist. This gives them the upper hand. Look at them from a logical viewpoint and remove your fears. Fear in small doses, is designed to keep us safe. Fear in large doses is paralyzing and makes us ineffective.

We are in physical bodies, and this is our superpower. These dark ones are in violation of spiritual laws, and with proper guidance, discernment, and education, we can properly and permanently remove them and take our power back.