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What Is an Indigo Child & What Are Their Traits?

What Is an Indigo Child?

The concept of an indigo child has been gaining in popularity. But what is it, really? Well, it’s not just for children. After all, we do grow up! Indigo children are said to have reincarnated on our planet to be of service. Their primary aura color is indigo.


Origins and Early Mentions of Indigo Children

Nancy Ann Tappe created this concept in the 1970’s. Nancy was a parapsychologist. Parapsychology means the study of mental phenomena, such as hypnosis, telepathy, near death experiences and other psychic abilities. 

Nancy maintains that many of us have a dominant color within our auric field. Those whose dominant aura color is indigo, as considered to be “indigo children”. She states that she started noticing a lot of children coming in with a life color (aura) of indigo.

Defining Traits of Indigo Children

There are many traits to an indigo child. They tend to be strong willed, frustrated by boundaries. They are often thought of being extremely creative and sensitive. This sensitivity may also expand out to the physical, such as electromagnetism and Wi-Fi energies.

They may also have a heightened level of psychic abilities.

The ability to find a deeper connection with nature, plants, and animals is also common. They may also seek answers to more existential questions, having a higher sense of intuition.

They may find it difficult to cope with the emotions of those around them. Many indigo children may suffer from addictions and anxieties and feel as if they don’t belong there. They have a homesickness feeling that they cannot explain.

High Levels of Creativity and Imagination

Indigo children are purported to be ‘out of the box’ types of thinkers and problem solvers. They can see a problem or situation and address it from an angle that most others would never think about. This can make traditional school difficult for them.

Much of their creativity and imagination may be that they are more psychic than those around them. Those who are tuned into their psychic abilities tend to raise the bar on creativity and imagination because they are deeply connected to God/Source and have learned to listen to the higher realms.

Strong Intuition and Empathy

A strong intuition can make those around the intuitive person think that this person is strong-willed and non-compromising. Sometimes, they just know the outcome of a situation or how to proceed. At the same time, they can be highly sensitive to others, to the point where they cannot figure out what is their emotions or the emotions of others around them.

This puts them in a difficult position, and it is up to the person to learn how to detach those emotions that aren’t theirs.

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The Spiritual Significance of Indigo Children

It is purported that indigo children have reincarnated here currently because they are here to help humanity and the planet. The problem has become that the energies on this planet are decimating to them, and it is common that they get side-tracked with their soul purposes and missions.

Indigo Children and Their Connection to Spirituality

Any parent of an indigo child would be wise to help them retain a strong connection to their higher self. If you are an adult and were not afforded those opportunities, it’s never too late.

Learning to connect to our higher self, also helps us to connect to the higher realms and our Soul Tribe.

Recognizing Spiritual Traits in Indigo Children

There is nothing fancy here, as we are all spiritual beings. It’s important that no matter who we are, we can recognize and learn our spiritual traits. Spiritual traits can be: learning about our life purpose or calling, expanding and learning about our beliefs of the universe.

Common Challenges Faced by Indigo Children

Some may argue that the term indigo child was coined to explain how, in general, this group of children seem to be over-medicated and have ADD or ADHD. 

They tend to want to isolate from others and live in a bubble. Also, addictions and healthy relationships may be hard to come by.

Misunderstandings and Social Difficulties

Indigo children may also have rebellious tendencies. They don’t see the need to go with the status quo. Is this because they tend to be highly intelligent and become impatient?

Creating and maintaining healthy relationships may also be difficult for this group. They may prefer to hide behind video games and other electronics rather than working with people face to face.

On the other hand, they may be hypersensitive and become easily upset when situations don’t go their way. They may also feel inferior to others around them, that their opinions and ideas don’t really matter. 

But what may be happening is that their opinions and ideas are ahead of the times and they just don’t know it.

Navigating Educational Systems

The traditional educational system can be crippling for this group of people. They may crumble easily under pressure, burn out quickly, and be free thinkers. If you or you have an indigo child, alternative education may be a great opportunity.

I used to be a public school teacher, but I ended up homeschooling one of my children because she didn’t fit into the traditional mold. There are many homeschool and charter school options out there. This wasn’t the case a few decades ago.

Supporting and Nurturing Indigo Children

Balance is key with indigo children. Yes, they are highly sensitive and intuitive. But they still need to be able to function in today’s society. It’s ok to help your loved one with some stretch goals, such as learning how to practice detached compassion when confronted with someone being bullied. 

Encouraging Unique Talents and Abilities

We all have unique talents and abilities, and it is up to each of us to learn what they are and how to tap into them so that we can grow into who we want to become.

All talents and abilities are spiritual, from playing the piano to hiking to studying the paranormal.

The Impact and Importance of Indigo Children

All children have an impact and are important. We need to realize this so that we do not put anyone on a pedestal. When we put someone on a pedestal, it means we give up our own personal power. Indigo children and others are said to possess psychic abilities and other supernatural traits. 

If you feel you, or your child, is an indigo child, it would be worth learning in deeper detail what that means and why this may be important for you or your child. For example, knowing that an indigo child may have difficulty making friends, it would be helpful to teach them how to foster and grow friendships.

We are all unique beings, and indigo children have a special place on our planet.