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Does Everyone Have a Past Life: Understanding Reincarnation

Our souls are eternal which means we all have past lives and have reincarnated. Christ spoke of life everlasting. Not death everlasting. The truth is, we have all lived many lifetimes on this planet, and possibly other planets. Our souls also exist in the realms of our ‘in-between’ lives. 

What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is when the soul returns to the physical plane of existence into a new body. It’s said we choose our body types, parents, and come in with karmic contracts to help our soul have experiences and lessons to elevate us to the next level(s). 

Sometimes, there are those who choose to reincarnate to help with a mission of helping the planet or humanity. 

Exploring the Concept of Past Lives

When we explore the concept of past lives, we are considering the possibility that we have lived a mortal life before this lifetime. Past lives can offer us cues and clues as to who we are as soul energy

 Does Everyone Have a Past Life?

Does Everyone Have a Past Life: Understanding Reincarnation

I would ascertain that we all have lived past lives. Perhaps the question should be, have we all lived past lives on planet Earth?

Exploring Common Beliefs and Myths

“I am never reincarnating here again.” I have heard this from many people. The reality is that we are multidimensional beings. This means we have higher selves, spiritual teams, and other higher-dimensional beings that assist us. This is a ‘group’ decision. 

“I was Cleopatra”, or some other high priestess, king, etc… Most people have reincarnated here over and over as farmers or workers. Have you also ever noticed no one ever claims to have been Eve? (LOL).

Evidence and Case Studies

I have done a lot of PLRs (past-Life Regressions), and I am always astounded by the process and findings. When I do a PLR, most of the time, I am fortunate enough to see what my client is seeing. That helps with findings in these non-tangible areas, I have found. 

I have also had clients from other planets, dimensions, and so on. It’s impossible for me to anticipate what will be discovered, nor would I want to. 

I remember walking into an Eastern Imports store in Hillcrest, San Diego, with one of my daughters. She was eight years old and begged me to go in with her. Once we were in, the shopkeeper said hello to us. That is when she walked up to a statue of Kwon Yen and said who she was and how she lived a lifetime with her.

Then, she went on to talk about another lifetime in Tibet, where she would carry water on her shoulders to her village. The detail she went into was incredible. Then she became really homesick for another time, another place, and was sobbing. She said those were good lives.

There is no way anyone or I could have told her about those elements. This was a spontaneous past-life recall.

During a PLR, I remember one client, in particular, saying, “I was a very bad man.” I was thinking, whoa, this will be interesting. My client, in his current life, was 40 years old, and a drug addict. He started taking drugs when he was 14 years old. His first dealer was an African American kid in high school. He finally became clean after decades of hard drug use.

He wanted to do a PLR to find some answers and to help him gain the confidence to never return to drug use. 

During this past life regression, it was discovered that in his most recent past life, he was a drug dealer in Chicago, Al Capone era (he currently resides in another country). In this life, he sold drugs to inner-city African-American kids. He made so much money that he had a wife and two children who lived in a country mansion and a nice flat in Chicago with a mistress.

Was this lifetime karma showing him the damage he caused and giving him the opportunity for atonement? 

Signs You May Have Lived a Past Life

Look around you. What are you drawn to? What are your likes or dislikes? Have you ever met someone who you felt was love at first sight? Or hate at first sight? Those can be clues as to your past lives. 

Unexplained Fears and Phobias

Why do people have irrational fears or phobias? They fear heights, doctors, snakes, and on and on. If I were a betting person, I would say it has to do with past life experiences and traumas. 

Our subconscious remembers everything that has happened to our soul, and sometimes, these not-so-irrational traumas are more rational than we give credit for.

Déjà Vu and Familiarity

Déjà vu is the feeling that you have done something before you have actually done it. Somehow an old memory was activated. However, déjà vu can stem from many factors, from past lives to alternate timelines, to different dimensions. 

Have you ever been driving in a new area and somehow you knew exactly where to turn? Or you met someone and knew them instantly? These could be déjà vu, or old memories popping up.

How to Uncover Your Past Lives

There are many ways to uncover your past lives. First, you can hire a professional. You can also try to find out information on your own. Additionally, you can also start to analyze your dreams. Do you have recurring dreams of specific situations that feel intensely familiar and may or may not feel connected to your current life? 

To try to learn on your own, you can work on setting intentions during meditation. “Which past life is most affecting my current life?” With this intention and focus, you may do a series of meditations (no time limit or minimum) to find clues. 

You may want to keep a journal of your thoughts and discoveries.

Working with Past Life Regression Therapists

Make sure the person you choose to help you is healthy, not compromised, and feels right for you. Ask them questions. Get to know their philosophies a bit, and do your research. Make sure the practitioner doesn’t ask leading questions, which may skew your results.

The Spiritual Significance of Past Lives

It is said that we reincarnate here on average every 150 years. We live mortal lives to gain the experiences we need on our karmic paths. Everything we do is spiritual because we are spiritual beings, period. Every lifetime is significant.

Learning from Previous Experiences

The goal of any PLR should be to find information that can help you understand negative patterns, heal from past traumas, and remove blockages to success.

Healing Through Understanding Reincarnation

Many times, after a PLR, clients will tell me they feel more completely at ease and unexplained anxieties have been released.

They have a sense of peace and release of irrational fears. 

Conclusion: Embracing the Mystery of Reincarnation

Learning how to remove or see through the veil of past lives can offer insights into living a life with more healing, security, and understanding. Past lives are always a curiosity. I advise that no one should tell you what they think your past life may be. 

That well-meaning person could be wrong! 

Instead, work with a past life regression therapist who is certified. Ask for credentials. I have studied and hold credentials in a couple of different techniques. Remember, you are your soul. And don’t you deserve the best?