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What Is The Karmic Cycle & How Does It Affect Our Lives?

Ever wondered about karma and how it really affects us? This article dives deep into the karma concept and how it’s not just about payback for your actions. It’s more like a cosmic balance sheet, always working behind the scenes to teach us life lessons and help us grow. We’ll also explore the idea of a karmic cycle, which might feel frustrating at times but can lead to personal transformation.

So, let’s get into it and see how recognizing and breaking these recurring patterns can lead to a more enlightened you.

What Is Karma & How Does It Affect Our Lives?

Karma affects all of us, whether we believe in it or not. At the most basic level, karma seeks balance. When there is tension, it’s a sign that karma is out of balance and the tension is designed to help redirect us. Karma also spans lifetimes. 

This is an important concept to understand. Our actions and reactions to the situations and events we encounter have a ripple effect that echoes out over time, space, and dimension. The quality of our actions will influence our outcomes.

Good deeds create good karma and vice versa.

It’s critical that we look at karma not as punitive, but rather as opportunities for soul growth and healing. Karma oftentimes gets bad press. We sometimes mistakenly refer to karma as revenge when we feel that we are slighted by someone else’s acts.

We often hear someone slinging around the big “K” word. “Karma is going to get them.” Or “I hope karma bites them in the booty.” Karma is not positive or negative. It just is.

What Is a Karmic Cycle?

The Karmic Path - Karmic Cycle

A karmic cycle is a spiritual learning tool where we can learn to master certain life lessons. These lessons and experiences are designed to help us and will be repeated until our higher self is realized.  

Is a Karmic Cycle a Negative Thing?

Karmic cycles are not negative. They can feel negative and can be rather frustrating and annoying to us at the time. Many times, people try to avoid learning these lessons because they can be rather painful. When we don’t to the work to overcome a karmic cycle, we will keep receiving the same lessons over and over and we begin to feel stuck and hopeless. It’s critical to remember that we do have free will and the ability to change our actions or reactions to these karmic lessons.

We need to remember karmic cycles are designed to help us master life lessons and to help us grow. When we are ready to do the hard work, this is when our situations may start to change.

Signs You Are Caught in a Karmic Cycle

Life is a journey with many ups and downs and twists and turns. With this there are also patterns that will start to emerge and are rather cyclical. For example, maybe your overbearing boss reminds you of one of your parents.

What do you need to learn from this situation? Is it to learn to speak your truth?

#1) You Notice Recurring Patterns & Situations in Your Life

Look for patterns, including situations, emotional responses and even how others react to you.  These patterns can include wealth mindset, physical appearances, how we respond to dramas, and so much more.

#2) You Attract the Same Kind of People Over & Over

Do you continue to date the same toxic personality? Do narcissistic people tend to find you and abuse you on some level over and over?

These are a couple of common karmic cycles that I tend to see the most. We repeat our toxic relationships because it’s what is familiar to us. This is the lesson, then we need learn to identify and change the pattern.

#3) You Are Being Forced to Face Your Fears

This is a tough one. We attract what we fear. Right now, globally, there is a lot of fears going around. If you find you have a fear (or more) take some time to work through it. For example, if you have a fear of losing your job, give yourself the gift of time.

Spend the time working through what that loss would entail. Work through those emotions, one by one. Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen? And is the worst thing very probable?

How to Break Free of a Karmic Cycle

The Karmic Path - Karmic Cycle

Breaking free of a karmic cycle is soul healing and elevating. If you find that you have broken free of a karmic cycle, chances are good you may have been working on it for more than one lifetime. 

#1) Spend Some Time on Self-Reflection & Awareness

Learn to identify the patterns you want to change about yourself. What is happening in your life that you would like to change? Spend time learning how you react to situations; study the relationships you have in your life. Learn about your relationship with finances or your career. 

#2) Pursue Conscious Action & Change

When we spend time reflecting on certain aspect of how we live our life, it gives us the opportunity to make conscious changes. This means that we are fully living in the present moment. We learn to look deeply into our emotions and learn from them.

This allows us to release anxieties and fears about our situations. With the release of anxieties and fears, it allows for change to happen.

#3) Embrace Change & Forgiveness

There is a saying that the only constant in life is change. Change is inevitable. When we become stuck in the past, it holds back our spiritual growth. It’s one thing to look back on our lifetime memories with certain emotions, such as happiness, joy, or even sadness. It’s another thing to allow our past events to rule and dictate our ability to move forward, or not.

Change often involves entering the unknown and that can be uncomfortable or even scary. Remind yourself that all change is simply a learning experience on how we are navigating our lives.

There is a basic concept in feng shui that has helped me to embrace certain changes in my personal life and that is when we can let go, it makes room for more and for something new.

If there is only one item you take away from this article, it should be this: forgiveness is not forget-ness. All too often when something happens to us, those around us assign a timetable for us to forgive a person, event, or some other action where we have been deeply hurt or have hurt someone else.

The ability to forgive, if it is forgiving oneself or someone else is a deeply spiritual experience that each of us owns and will navigate through on our karmic paths. There is no timeline. There is only experience and learning.

Breaking Free of The Karmic Cycle Begins with You

The real question is what do you want from your life? What do you need to do to attain your goals? No one can do this for you. You are your soul. Getting help learning to identify and break patterns in your karmic cycle may be beneficial, but it is still up to the individual to do the work.

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