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The 7 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening (& How To Recognize Them)

Embark on a unique journey through the 7 Stages of spiritual awakening, where you’ll forge a profound connection to higher consciousness, elevating awareness and understanding along the way. Explore these transformative phases and unlock the secrets of spiritual growth.

What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is a call to your higher consciousness. What does that mean? It’s simply a higher state of awareness and understanding that helps us to have a stronger connection to GodSource.

It is the non-tangible senses that become more activated, such as increased intuition, an elevated state of awareness or perception, the ability to be mindful, or being more present and living in the moment. It is a form of letting go of ego.

It’s important to note there is not one specific way to experience a spiritual awakening. Everyone’s experiences vary. There is no one person, guide, guru, or religious clergy that will have all the answers that you are seeking. This is a great time to practice utilizing your intuition and wisdom in discernment.

What rings true for you? And why?

The 7 Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening

Why Is a Spiritual Awakening Significant? 

Spiritual awakenings are significant because it is an indicator that you are gaining a greater understanding of yourself and those around you as you begin to see the interconnectedness of the universe.

A spiritual awakening may not always be full of unicorns and rainbows. It can be difficult at times as we begin to examine our lives through a new lens, and our loved ones may not be able to understand our new perceptions.

It’s important to remember that through this process, spiritual growth is never a competition. We are where we are supposed to be.

What Does a Spiritual Awakening Entail?

You may begin to feel a greater sense of inner knowing. There is a shift in consciousness that enables you to have deeper connections with your soul, the world and other dimensions around you, and the Universe.

These transformations don’t happen overnight, and they also vary in degrees depending on what your soul needs.

A spiritual awakening can last from weeks to years, and then you may start all over again on even deeper levels.

What Are the Signs a Spiritual Awakening Is Underway?

You may find that you are more sensitive to the energies of the unseen world. In addition to this, you may pick up on other people’s emotions, and it’s important for you to realize when other people’s emotions belong to them and not you. 

You may find that you are experiencing huge shifts in your perceptions and belief structures. It’s also possible that your soul purpose becomes clearer, and you begin to shift your priorities.

The 7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening (& How to Recognize Them)

#1) Increased Awareness of Your Thoughts & Emotions

You may find that you become less reactive to the situations around you and tend to pause and react with a sense of wisdom and clarity. In meditation, it becomes easier to examine your thoughts and emotions and determine what best serves you and the greater good.

#2) A Desire for Inner-Growth

Questioning your beliefs and your worldviews and how they challenge your viewpoints and values, and the exploration of different philosophies and ideologies and gaining a higher perspective of your place in the world.

Having an open mind to accepting and challenging new thought processes may be scary and intimidating, but know that you are not alone in this process.

#3) Emotional Shifts & Heightened Feelings

Start examining your emotions and your reactions to events around you. You start craving real connections and deeper conversations. Small talk may become annoying.

Over time, you will find that your circle of friends becomes smaller yet more meaningful.

#4) You Begin Noticing Meaningful Coincidences.

Synchronicities are not only fun and enjoyable, but they also carry the meaning that you are on your correct path. You may find you look at your phone, and the time that shows up is your number, such as 11:11.

It also reminds us that the universe is here for us and is listening to our needs.

#5) You Can Finally Let Go Of Your Ego & Self-Focus

Letting go of attachments, those self-identifying markers, such as identifying yourself by your career, your intellect, being a vegan, or even the dramas around you, are good indications that your ego is beginning to diminish so that you can focus on finding your value and your inner peace. 

Woman experiencing a spiritual awakening

#6) You Notice How Connected Everything Is

Connections come from our humanity and taking an interest in the well-being of others. It’s important to note that there are two types of service: service to self and service to others.

When we are in service to others, we know that we are here to help humanity and even the animal kingdom.

#7) You Value Authenticity & Compassion Above All Else

You will find a deeper sense of confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth. The ability to be kind and forgiving to yourself for any past actions is healing to the soul.

If you feel that you may have caused harm and want to atone for those actions, come up with a plan.

Political correctness falls by the wayside.

How to Begin Your Path Towards a Spiritual Awakening

The journey through the 7 stages of spiritual awakening is a profound and transformative experience that leads individuals toward inner enlightenment and self-discovery.

Awareness is key. Once you know, you know. Start with self-exploration. Find out what your interests are, and learn to understand how nature works.

It’s important to remember that you are your soul. This is your journey. Looking for help and assistance when dealing with a spiritual awakening is normal, but always use your judgment and never hand your power over to anyone. Also, know that for any spiritual practitioner you seek assistance or guidance from, you have the right to ask them questions.

If you feel you are at a crossroads and seeking to embrace your spiritual awakening, spiritual consultation may be very beneficial for you- contact us today!