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What Is The Violet Flame & How Does It Affect Us?

The violet flame is a spiritual tool that we can use to positively impact us as we navigate through life. We all have the ability within us to learn how to use and apply it. The violet flame is a subtle energy that we call on to clear ourselves and enable us to live a life of wisdom and discernment. It can also be applied to help with subtle healing energies. This is a visualization practice.

What Is the Violet Flame?

The violet flame is a spiritual tool that transmutes negative energies to help clear your spaces. Do you remember the acronym ‘ROYGBIV’ from school?

This is the acronym for the color chart—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

Violet is the most energetic, and red is the least energetic. What is beyond violet is invisible to the naked eye. This is where the unseen energetic elements can impact us.

A Spiritual Tool for Transformation

The violet flame is a spiritual tool that everyone needs in their spiritual toolbox. It helps to clean and clear our mind, body, and soul as we accumulate negative energies.

We all accumulate negative energies as we navigate through life. We may go visit a friend in a hospital, drive down the freeway, or go to school.

These are normal mortal activities where we can collect negative energies.

The Alchemical Power of the Violet Flame

The concept of alchemy is the ability to transform matter and is usually thought of in occult manners. The violet flame is said to have been a part of mystery schools and the occult.

It was Saint Germain, who is an ascended master, who is credited with bringing the concept of the violet flame back into modern times.

He purports this God-gifted spiritual tool helps to bring enlightenment and healing to humanity. 

Violet Flame Alchemy

How the Violet Flame Works in Our Lives

When we sit near a fire, the flames that we see are the gaseous elements of the fire. However, when we can learn to control the flame, we control the fire.

When we control the fire, we control the outcome. The violet flame is a spiritual fire.

When we learn to utilize the violet flame, we can transmute negative energies around us. This is because the frequency of the color violet has a higher intensity.

Invoking the Violet Flame: A Practical Guide

If you are new to the concept of the violet flame, start with mediation. If ‘seeing’ is difficult for you, use this image to study it and even stare at it.

Learn how to draw this energy into your heart center and expand it throughout your entire body and even your home spaces.

The Impact on Emotional and Psychological Healing

The energy of the violet flame can heal us and clear the bonds of negativity. It can help us to shift our negativity and clear it.

When we meditate using the violet flame, it promotes universal love and healing to ourselves and all that we encounter.

The Violet Flame’s Role in Spiritual Development

When we can learn tools to help us on our spiritual path, and the violet flame is an important one, it helps us to connect to God, shifting negative energy into positive energy, and it can even help us with spiritual healing.

Regular use of the violet flame will help with improving one’s frequency. 

Enhancing Spiritual Awareness with the Violet Flame

We all need to grow our spiritual toolboxes; adding the violet flame to yours will help you develop your spiritual awareness.

The violet flame may be one of our most under-utilized resources. Learn to use it, learn how to develop your skills in the power of the violet flame. 

The Connection Between the Violet Flame and Ascended Masters

Many adepts, saints, spiritual practitioners, sages, shamans, and many other people have used the violet flame. It is not, however, limited to those with titles. It is a tool that is available to everyone.

The more people know how to use it, the more it cleans and clears the planet.

The Violet Flame in Energy Healing Practices

The color violet is a highly spiritual energy, and we are spiritual beings. The crown chakra is a violet color, and this is the chakra that connects us to the Divine. 

Utilizing the Violet Flame in Energy Healing

When we engage in energy healing, we engage in the inner work and healing of the soul.  The violet flame is a tool of our mind. Our minds are one of our most powerful assets that we can utilize beyond time and space.

It may sound hard and complicated, but bear with me. Close your eyes and visualize the color violet in front of you.

This is easier for some than others, which is ok (spirituality is never a contest). Once you have that now, try to make that energetic color flow. Spend some time practicing. After all, this is a spiritual practice.

Amazing things can happen when we commit to doing that inner work and forego spiritual bypassing.

Using the violet flame can immensely assist us in transmuting old patterns, finding true joy, and being actively engaged in our spiritual healing and development.

Final Thoughts on the Transformative Power of the Violet Flame

In closing, when I work with clients, I often use the violet flame to clear our space before we begin, during the session to vet what we are dealing with, and even at the end, to clean up the spaces, ensuring nothing was left behind.