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Can I Be Approached by Entities While Lucid Dreaming?

Dreams have been a fascinating aspect of humanity for as long as humans have been sleeping. People have equated dreams with premonitions, spiritual experiences, but what if a dream is more than that? I am sharing a true story of a lucid dream I had.

How Is Lucid Dreaming Different from other Dreams?

When we think of traditional dreams, we tend to be retrospective. If we remember our dreams, they tend to involve current-life problem-solving thoughts.

Lucid dreaming happens when the person is aware they are dreaming. When you know that it may be more than a dream.

Crystal Protection: Can You Be Approached by Entities While Lucid Dreaming?

I saw myself leaving my body. I can’t explain it, but I know I didn’t want to go. It was as if some external force was taking me. This force felt dark and heavy. I wasn’t able to see this force, and I didn’t know what it was. Nor could I scream for help. I couldn’t move my body. It was frozen.

The only aspect I knew I had was my mind, but everything was moving so fast. I was confused. Then everything went black. I was floating. I had no idea where I was, and I still couldn’t move. Then I ‘landed’.

I was transported to this large stone building. It felt like we were all in a church-type setting, but not. The room was large and cold. The walls were about 20 feet tall and made of grey stone. The side walls were dimly lit. Just enough to see shadows. There were about 50-75 others there, as well.

We were all standing in rows. I was sort of in the center row of the group and to the right side of the building. It was as if there used to be pews or rows of seats. Now, there were dividers between the rows, about waist high, also made of grey stone. 

Can I Be Approached by Entities While Lucid Dreaming?

I also didn’t know anyone, and we weren’t allowed to see faces. We were told to look down until told otherwise. The voice was somewhat electronic sounding. We were all wearing dark brown robes with capes. Then I realized in front of us was an altar, with a table in the center.

At the altar, there were 6 hooded figures on each side of the table and one taller hooded being behind the table. For a total of 13. I immediately knew that the tall one in the center was the one that transported me there. 

The altar was about half the width of the room. It seemed very Medieval. There were wrought iron gates on the sides. They could have been doors. I wasn’t sure. That’s when we were all handed crystal wands. The feeling of this crystal wand was beyond terrifying, and I didn’t know why. It was heavier than normal and about 20 inches long. It looked black, but also everything was dark.

That is when I realized what was about to happen. I saw this white goat standing in front of the altar table. We were being instructed on how to use these wands to mutilate the goats. This instruction period seemed to last forever.

It was about controlling the crystal wand and using crystals for black magic and ultimate power. 

The fear and panic inside me was overwhelming. I could not do what they were telling us we had to do. We were told failure would equate with our personal torture. A goat would be replaced with anyone who failed or refused to do as told.

I slowly started to look around. That is when I realized behind us was a set of very large and heavy doors. One was not fully closed. I had to figure out how to swim upstream and how to move in the opposite direction of the crowd without being noticed. I could hear the goats moaning in torture and these sheeple passing their tests.

To this day, this makes me sick to my stomach. 

As I slowly made my way backward and towards that door, I really focused on trying to become invisible. Touching the door was terrifying. I thought for sure I would be detected. As I touched the door, I slipped through.

Suddenly, I woke up and immediately sat up in my bed. I couldn’t catch my breath. It felt like my heart was pounding outside of my chest. I was breathing hard.

Then I thought to myself, “Wow. What a dream. Where did that come from?” All while still feeling terrified. 

An important side note: I purchased this six to seven-inch smokey quartz crystal wand three months prior. It had clear points on each end and was rather symmetrical. I remember when I bought it, questioning the purchase because smokey quartz really wasn’t my thing.

When I got home, I placed this crystal wand on my nightstand and kind of forgot about it.

Then I looked at my nightstand and suddenly realized this was no dream. That smokey quartz wand took a hit for me. It protected me. The back half of it disappeared. The bedroom was carpeted, with no hard surfaces. I tore my room apart, looking for shards of crystal, the missing part, never to be found.

I keep this crystal with me to remind me of the work I do and how dangerous it can be. It also reminds me of how important this work is.

This photo is what remains of this crystal. I always keep it with me.

Broken Smokey Quartz Wand

Can You Change the Outcome of a Lucid Dream?

Throughout this event, I kept reminding myself that I was in control of my mind. Our minds are our most powerful asset. We need to remember that. When it comes to lucid dreams, if we are aware enough, we can change the outcome. 

Setting Intentions Before Going to Sleep

Setting intentions, protection prayers, and utilizing your spiritual tools before sleep, can really help to offset any negativity. I realize I went through that experience for a variety of reasons. One is that I learned a lot.

And the second is that, as I grew in spiritual strength and stamina, I learned how to remove those entities, and in the process free those animals, along with many humans.

Lucid Dreaming and Other Spiritual Dimensions and Beings

Lucid dreaming can help us work with our spirit guides, set intentions for greater knowledge, and more.

Conclusion: Lucid Dreams Vary in Many Ways

If you find yourself questioning repeated lucid dreams or have difficulty in learning to control the outcomes, Spiritual Consultation may be helpful.