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What Is The Lower Astral Plane and Its Significance?

The lower astral plane is also known as the hells, limbo, purgatory, the 4th dimension, and can go by many other names. Its significance is that it is a lower vibrational plane, or dimension, of existence.

It wasn’t always supposed to be this way, but through a series of events over millennia, it shifted.

Exploring the Different Astral Subplanes

The lower astral is a heavy density plane of existence. This is where ghosts and dark entities reside. Why would a ghost comingle with dark entities?

Because when a person dies and does not cross over into the higher realms, they literally get stuck in hell, between Heaven and Earth. 

What Is the Lower Astral Plane?

It is said that the lower astral is divided into three parts: high, middle, and low. Each one being more dense than the previous. I have seen more than these three levels. In fact, I have witnessed many times over, of ‘pocket dimensions’.

These are dimensions are usually created by dark entities trying to hide within the lower astral.  

Characteristics of the Lower Astral Plane

The lower astral should not be what it is. The lower astral is the 4th dimension. This is the place that all holy texts write about to give us mortals guidance for ascension once we die and leave our physical bodies.

In the Bible, it is the 23rd Psalm. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. This is our guidance to get out of this dimension. 

Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not come to the earth plane to die on the cross to absolve us of our sins in perpetuity. If we really think about it, not only does this make no sense, but it’s frankly kind of simplistic.

What if Christ came here to mitigate the damage caused by the Lucifer Rebellion? What if Christ and the higher dimensional beings realized that the Luciferic forces hijacked the 4th dimension and that this was their way of helping us and guiding us out of the lower astral? 

The lower astral is cold, dark, and full of dark entities. It is full of caverns and home to all sorts of dark entities. The stuff of which nightmares are made. It’s our duty for our souls to help other souls escape this nightmare, and we can!

This is where knowledge is power. If we know what is there, bypassing is quite simple. We need to start educating ourselves on what to do upon death.

Energetic Vibrations and Frequencies

The vibrational energies and frequencies are very dense and low. When I help the dead to cross over to the higher realms, many times, it’s as if they are in a deep, dark, dense, cold bank of fog. The type of fog where you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. There is a deep cold there.

Many people who can sense ghost energies will say that they felt they were walking through a cold sensation for a moment.

This is because ghosts are literally cold to the bone, but without the bones, of course.

Common Entities and Beings

I work in these dimensions pretty much every day. In this space, there are all sorts of dark beings and entities, from reptilians, greys, lower realm entities, standard black magicians, the hat man, and so much more. 

It’s important to note that in every dimension, in every organization, there is a political hierarchy.  For example, the lower realm entities, these beings who are harasser beings, serve black magicians. Their job is to extract our energies and give them to their bosses. If they fail, they do get punished severely.

The greys and the reptilians work independently from each other and sometimes together. They reside in the 4th dimension, but they can manifest into the physical, as well.

Each type of being and entity is unique to their species.

The Spiritual Significance of the Lower Astral Plane

Have you ever heard the saying that bad things happen to good people? Well, this concept also applies to the lower astral plane. This means that these dark entities work to capture human souls.


Because when they left the light of GodSource, they realized they needed an energy source.  Humans are GodSource energy. They figured this one out quickly.

Lessons and Growth Opportunities

This blog is not intended to scare but to provide valuable knowledge. Remember, once we know, we know. The lesson is that we have died and reincarnated many times. We need to remember how to get Home once we leave our physical bodies.

There is never any form of soul restoration or healing in the lower astral. It’s our job to help ourselves to remember how to cross over to the higher realms.

It’s also a huge spiritual service to help other ghost souls to cross over and to go Home. We all have the power within us to do this.

Simply request a team of angels from the higher realms to send all ghost souls that are interfering in your space, right now.

Encountering Shadow Aspects

There are many forms of shadow aspects. Oftentimes it is referred to as egotism, laziness, and these types of behaviors. When dealing with the lower astral, there are often shadow aspects or pieces or parts of the soul that get damaged.

These pieces can be retrieved and healed. We just need to know that this is so.

There are many shamans and other spiritual practitioners who help with soul retrievals. Soul retrieval is just that. Bringing together parts of the soul to the over soul for healing. 

Navigating the Lower Astral Plane

There are many ways in which the lower astral influences us on the Earth plane. This usually happens on some type of psychic level. We are all psychic. Psychic abilities come in all sorts of flavors and degrees.

For example, some people can see the dead, others may feel their presence or have an inner sense or knowing that something is amiss. This is a great opportunity to learn to trust your instincts and your intuition.

Protecting Your Energetic Boundaries

There are many forms of spiritual protection that we can employ. It’s our personal responsibility to learn what works for each of us. It is not my, nor anyone else’s, responsibility to ensure you are protected.

We can ask for help and guidance, but it is up to the individual soul to do their own work.

Our Soul Health & Spiritual Self Defense courses are designed to help you to help yourself of removing entities and energies that are trying to attach and influence you.

The Connection Between Lower and Higher Astral Planes

The bottom line is that everything is math, and everything is frequency. When we learn to look at the different dimensions or planes, we can see how they are separated, like layers on a cake.

That frosting area between the cake layers is where the dimensions can overlap. This is how the 3rd and 4th dimensions can interconnect.

Conclusion: Understanding the Mysteries of the Lower Astral Plane

The lower astral plane is a busy place and can be full of traps and other nefarious activities. However, as we learn how to raise our vibrations and understand how these planes of existence operate, we will regain our soul sovereignty.

The Karmic Path courses are designed to help you help yourself.