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How To Shield Yourself From Negative Energy Forces

Learning how to shield yourself, your living spaces, and your property against negative energy forces is simply good hygiene.  This goes back to the saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Part of learning to shield ourselves from negative energies is how to raise our frequencies, which creates a stronger baseline for us to deflect negativity.

The Reality of Negative Energy in Everyday Life

Negative energy can come from many aspects of our lives. Low-frequency locations are one of them. Have you ever driven to a new location and felt creeped out, as if you couldn’t get out of that location fast enough? There is a reason for that. A part of you, maybe your higher self, knows something and is trying to warn you to get out. 

 Negative habits and addictions such as drug, alcohol, or even sugar addictions lower our frequencies and make it more difficult to keep our frequencies high.

Many times, there are unseen entities that overshadow your willpower to ensure your addictions. Learning to take your power back and be kind to yourself is key to success.

Negative people can also impact us. Maybe it’s a loved one who is an energy vampire or someone with chaotic energy that leaves you drained after spending a short amount of time with them. Someone with anger issues, a victim personality, or even a chronic complainer.

When it comes to people, look at them as learning opportunities. How can you learn to act or react differently to ensure their negativity doesn’t stick to you?

Recognizing and Understanding Negative Energy Sources

Once you know, you know. It can be that easy. Once you learn how to recognize and understand how negative energy works and affects you, you can clean yourself up quickly.

This is where a strong intuition can help us.

Learn to ‘feel’ the air around you. How does the energy feel when you go into a meeting or family reunion? Is it joyous or happy, or is the tension so strong that you think you can cut it with a knife?

Learn to discern the energies around you.

Negative Energy Forces

Essential Strategies for Protecting Yourself from Negative Energy

The first strategy for protecting yourself from negative energy is consistency. It can be difficult to be consistent when we feel like we are being bombarded. This is when having someone close to us who understands these concepts can be helpful. 

Establishing Personal Boundaries: Your First Line of Defense

Establishing and maintaining personal boundaries is key to success. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive people and empaths.

Negative entities love empath energies because they are easy to access. Learn to keep your personal power.

When we allow others to take our power or abuse us, not only does the offender earn negative karma, but we can, too, especially if we allow those patterns to repeat or continue.

The Role of Self-Awareness in Detecting Negative Influences

The Oxford Dictionary defines self-awareness as “conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, motives and desires.” As our self-awareness increases, it becomes easier to detect and deflect negative energies, entities, and influences that are around us.

Give yourself the gift of time to explore how to improve your self-awareness.

Practical Techniques for Energy Shielding

Many of these techniques are visualization techniques. The mind is our most powerful asset. We all can create and manifest using our minds and willpower. This can be used for the greater good and not for the greater good. And this is, again, where karma plays out. The point is, be true to yourself.

Visualization: A Powerful Tool for Creating an Energy Barrier

The power of white light. White light is a tool that spiritual practitioners have used for millennia. You will hear people say to surround yourself in a bubble of white light or surround yourself with white light. While this sounds good, we must remember that energy has no boundaries.

So, how do you keep this up to keep yourself protected?

Use another visualization technique: place yourself, your home, and your minor children inside of a tetrahedron and fill that with white light. Why a tetrahedron? Geometrically speaking, this is one of the strongest and simplest shapes we have.

Let’s face it, bubbles are easy to pop.

When paired with the white light, Christ consciousness, or Universal Consciousness, can create a powerful form of protection.

The Power of Positive Affirmations and Mindset in Repelling Negativity

Self-talk and the use of positive affirmations help to remind us that we do reside within our own power if you have a difficult time with a family member who tends to upset and displace you, the next time you see or speak with that person, come up with an affirmation ahead of time to help you keep your power.

Cultivating a Positive Environment to Enhance Energy Protection

Creating a positive environment is key, but it’s more than just creating a positive environment. It’s also about spiritually cleaning your house, as well. The ability to remove what doesn’t work for you, change your negative habits, and increase self-awareness is paramount.

There are many who purport themselves to be highly evolved spiritually but fail to do that hard work.

I call this Spiritual Bypassing, and this fools no one except the person who pretends to be highly evolved.

Nurturing Resilience: Long-Term Strategies to Stay Protected

Know that you are in this for the long haul, and there will be bumps in the road. Continual learning is key. Everything evolves, including negative entities and energies. Nothing in our universe is stagnant.

Creating and learning new strategies helps create that shield we seek added spiritual protection. There are many visualization techniques, but sometimes we need physical objects to help us as well. Years ago, I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out what could help me and my family.

This one tool HERE was a complete game changer for me. This website also has many other helpful products.

Building and Leveraging a Supportive Social Network

Finding those who are of like mind is essential. We need to know that we are never alone. Even if there is no one in your inner circle who understands you at this level, start to meditate and pray that you will find those helpful people.

It may take some time, but make the time and be specific in what you are seeking.  The Universe and our angels are with us.

Conclusion: Empowering Yourself Against Negative Energy

Negative entities thrive in areas of negative energies or low vibrations. It’s a part of everyday life, and they are also learning opportunities. Remember that every day is a new opportunity to learn something new to help you on your spiritual path.