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5 Types Of Hauntings & How They Can Affect You

When we think of the word ‘haunting,’ we tend to think of ghosts. But did you know there are many types of hauntings, and they can affect all of us, regardless of personal belief systems?

What Is a Haunting?

A haunting is an unseen, energetic force that can impact us in many ways.  These unseen energies are all around us. Sometimes, we may see something out of the corner of our eye. Sometimes, negative thoughts, which are not our own, can impede our thinking.

Sometimes, our past can haunt us with would’ve, could’ve, and should’ve with past experiences can haunt us. Our emotions, such as guilt, shame, and blame, can haunt us.

As with any type of haunting, it’s imperative that we clear those energies so they don’t harm us or hold us back.

5 Types of Hauntings & How They Can Affect You

5 Types of Hauntings & How They Can Affect You

Understanding how the different types of hauntings work and how they affect us offers us insight into other dimensions and how they work. But we also need to proceed with caution and logic.

#1) Residual Hauntings: Imprints of the Past

Our souls are eternal, and when we reincarnate here, we can carry with us those old emotions that can create unexplained blockages that need to be released through intrapersonal work or even a past life regression.

#2) Intelligent Hauntings: Conscious Spirits Interactions

Unfortunately, many in the spiritual communities don’t understand Spiritual Law and how the spirit energies work. Many have preprogrammed beliefs about ghosts.

One is that they have unfinished business, so they have not crossed over. Or that they died too soon. These concepts are dangerous to the ghost soul.

When a person dies, and they do not cross over to the higher realms, it puts their soul in danger of dark entities literally soul-napping them.

Beings or entities from the higher realms will not haunt us, as that violates Spiritual Law. They cannot violate our free will. They are allowed to assist us with our permission.

People often assume a dark entity is actually a light being from the higher realms.

It’s always important to vet who or what you might be engaging. 

#3) Poltergeist Hauntings: Distinctive Physical Disturbances

A poltergeist is a ghost with the energy to cause physical disturbances, such as moving things around your home or even physically attacking or harming a living person.

Most ghosts do not exhibit those types of behaviors, as it takes a lot of energy to do so.

Dark entities are usually the ones responsible for this type of activity. They can be lower realm intelligence, black magicians, or even extraterrestrials, such as greys or reptilians.

These beings can shapeshift to pretend they are light beings.

#4) Demonic Hauntings: Malevolent Non-Human Entities

These are what I call dark entities. They do not have our greater good in mind. They are here to harm us and harness our energies for their use.

There are many types of dark entities, and each species has political hierarchies to them.

5 Types of Hauntings

#5) Interdimensional Hauntings: Phenomena Beyond Our Realm

Any form of haunting that involves a conscious energy from another dimension that impacts our mortal, third-dimensional world is an interdimensional haunting.

This is considered paranormal, meaning it cannot be explained by mortal science and involves supernatural forces.

Recognizing Signs and Effects of Various Types Of Hauntings

There are many signs and effects of hauntings. Some examples include but are not limited to, unexplained anxieties, unexplained scratches or bite marks, brain fog, negative or harmful thoughts, a sense of being watched, or hearing voices when no one is around. 

Psychological Impacts of Hauntings on Individuals

When someone experiences signs of being haunted, it can be difficult to feel like we are maintaining our sanity. This is because we live in a physical realm where we can see, touch, hear, taste, and smell.

When we come to understand we are spiritual beings with mortal experiences, it can help us make sense of our situation.

Having said that, it’s important for us to take our power back and clean and clear those unseen energies so that they don’t impact us. It can be hard work, but it is possible.

Physical Manifestations and Evidence of Hauntings

When I first started encountering the paranormal, I was a school teacher. One day, the dark forces came crashing through, and I didn’t know what to do or how to remove them, and keeping my sanity was tough on a good day. 

There were times when I would be home alone, and this being would come up behind me and choke me until I passed out. I would wake up with bruise marks. There were hot and cold spaces in the same room in my house.

The ability to sleep became a distant memory.

Approaches to Dealing with Hauntings

Do not engage with them—request help from the angelic realms to remove what is haunting you. Learn how to raise your vibrational frequency and how to clear your home. Look for objects in your home that may create openings. If you find anything, break it and dispose of it. 

Professional Interventions: When to Seek Help

It’s perfectly fine to seek outside help from a spiritual practitioner who knows what they are doing. Anyone you seek to help you, ask them questions.

The most important question is how they clear themselves between clients.

Also, be wary if your practitioner is in poor health or engages in low-frequency activities. If you don’t feel like you have a good connection with that person, it’s ok to say that and seek other help. Your soul is worth the best.

Trust your intuition.

Self-Help Strategies for Managing Hauntings

Look at how you are living your life. There are certain negative habits and addictions that can create weaknesses within us that give the dark side easier access to us. I am not saying that to make anyone afraid, but knowledge is power.

Creating regular spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, can also help.

Bringing Clarity to Haunting Experiences

If you sense that you are being haunted, create a journal of the paranormal activities. Look for patterns, such as time of day, what happens, etc.

These can help you identify the types of hauntings you are dealing with.

If you are seeking more knowledge about how the unseen, energetic world works and how to defend yourself, you may find our online courses helpful.