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What Is Mirror Gazing & Is It Dangerous?

You may have heard a lot about mirror gazing lately and wondered, what is mirror gazing?

Mirror gazing is a mediation technique for learning to see other dimensions. However, not all dimensions are safe, as there are many types of dark entities lying in wait.

What is Mirror Gazing? Unveiling the Divide Between Worlds 

We are all multi-dimensional beings. We are currently living a 3D, mortal life where we can see, touch, taste, smell… you get the idea. Mirrors are portals. 

Think about the movie Snow White and the phrase, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” 

What the wicked queen was doing was using the mirror as a portal to find out information.

The Fascinating History of Mirror Gazing

Mirror gazing goes way back to the Greeks, Egyptians, and many other cultures. It is associated with mystics, soothsayers, and seers. Mirror gazing can also be called scrying. 

The intent is to be able to communicate with ‘spirits’ or other dimensional entities. 

Dr. Raymond Moody’s Modern Interpretation of the Psychomanteum 

Dr. Raymond Moody has re-popularized this paranormal technique to primarily communicate with the dead. Dr. Moody is famous for his work with people who died and experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience). 

While the purpose of the NDE is to teach us all what happens upon death, there is still a lot to learn.

The issue with this is that when a person dies, we need to ensure that they cross over into the higher realms. My book, Soul Tribe: Navigating the Spiritual War, explains in greater detail what happens to the soul upon death and how you can help them.

What Are the Benefits of Mirror Gazing? 

What Is Mirror Gazing & Is It Dangerous?

Looking into a mirror and seeing how gorgeous you are is always a good thing, right? ☺ Seriously, mirrors can become a portal, and I am very hesitant to have anyone delve into this pseudoscience. 

If you decide to do so, please proceed with caution and wisdom. 

What to Expect During a Mirror Gazing Session

When mirror gazing, expectations and what can really happen can vary widely. 

Is Mirror Gazing Dangerous?

Yes. Remember the movie The Conjuring? It is based on a true story that didn’t end well. 

When a dark entity can overpower us, it can take possession of our bodies. What happens to the soul during this process? It is soul-napped; kidnapped, but in another dimension.

When dabbling in spiritual practices, it’s important to know and understand what can happen. Mirror gazing, or scrying, is designed to communicate with other dimensional beings. 

Many times, there are dark entities who will join in and not have your greater good in mind. 

There may be shapeshifters or worse. Learning how to discern who or what you are communicating with is paramount to keeping your soul in a safe space.

The Phenomena of Encountering Spirits and Visions

When it comes to psychic abilities, people seem to want to see dead people. For whatever reason, that is exciting. 

The harsh reality is that a ghost soul is someone’s loved one and needs help going Home.

There are countless spirits and entities, and we need to proceed with judicial caution when we communicate with them. Our intuition is our most valuable psychic ability. It’s not as sexy as seeing dead people, angels, or demons, but our intuition keeps us safe and allows our wisdom to develop. 

Do You Have a Mirror that Is a Portal?

If you have a mirror in your home that you suspect is a portal. This means there are entities that can come and go through it; there are several ways you can close it. 

Remember, the Light Side, those light beings that are a part of our spiritual team and higher, do not need to use mirrors or any other object to come into our home. 

Who does need this? Yep, the dark entities.

How to Close It

There are a few ways to close a mirror portal. One technique is to write the word “love” all over the back side of the mirror. The frequency and power of love do create a barrier to the dark side.

If the mirror has 90-degree angles, you can take a silver (or any color) Sharpie pen and draw a small line in the corner to create a triangle, then color it in. The idea is your four-sided mirror, now has eight sides, the same shape as a protective bagua. 

This concept is derived from Chinese feng shui. The mirror then becomes a protective amulet.

Lastly, if you tried these techniques and the mirror is still an issue, you may need to remove it, break it, and throw it away. Your spiritual safety is worth more than what any mirror costs. 

Do NOT donate a contaminated mirror to a charity or secondhand store. You do not want the karma of ‘gifting’ a mirror that is a portal to anyone. 

Embracing Spiritual Self-Defense

If you are thinking of learning more about mirror gazing or any other types of interdimensional activities, you need to learn how to discern who’s who and what’s what in these other dimensions. 

Spiritual safety is paramount. Mirror gazing and other such activities are not child’s play. 

This is why I have taken what I have learned HERE.