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What is Spiritual Intuition & How Can It Help You?

What Is Spiritual Intuition?

All intuition is spiritually based. Everything we do is spiritual because we are spiritual beings. However, our intuition is also our most profound psychic ability. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not seeing dead people. Our spiritual intuition is designed to keep us connected to GodSource and our Higher Self while we are living on this planet.

The more we learn to listen and trust our intuition, the safer and wiser we become, and the better we shape and direct our lives.

Understanding the Essence of Spiritual Intuition

Spiritual intuition is that guiding force, the still, quiet voice that assists and helps us to navigate through life. When we learn to use our intuition, we are learning how to respond to elements that affect us.

This is an important concept because we all have free will. Meaning we make choices throughout our lives based on our experiences.

Do you find that you are dating the same personality type over and over? Why is this?  Is your Higher Self bringing these personality types into your life so you can learn to trust your intuition and say no somewhere along the way?

Instinct vs. Intuition: What’s The Difference?

When we hear the word instinct, what often comes to mind is the word survival. What are the instinctual elements we need to survive? Instincts can be hard-wired within us, such as a fear of snakes or heights.

It could be that your spiritual DNA left an imprint from a past life. In some cases, it could be based on some type of trauma. It could also be a form of self-preservation. It can be a knee-jerk reaction to a situation.

Intuition is a feeling or sense of knowing based on your gut feeling. You are in tune with your body and how your body responds to a question or situation. When you meet a new person, what is your sense of them? How do you feel around them? Is this a person that you would feel comfortable around?

The answers to these questions can be based, in large part, on our spiritual intuition. 

How Does Spiritual Intuition Work?

Developing our spiritual intuition is always a work in progress. The more we become GodSource-centered, the more we actively work on connecting with our higher self, and the deeper our spiritual intuition grows.

The inverse is also true.

If we make poor choices and disconnect from GodSource and our higher self, the lower our frequency becomes, our spiritual intuition will begin to diminish.

One way we can learn to develop our spiritual intuition is to meditate or simply become centered in our thoughts and ask ourselves a question about a situation we are grappling with.

Godsoource - Spiritual Intuition

When we ask a question, we activate our logical, conscious mind. However, the goal is to work beyond our conscious mind of rationalizing and reasoning and start to notice our emotions and body sensations. When we do this, we will start to receive messages that feel like a strong yes, no, or a pull in a certain direction.

Many people will call this a gut instinct or an inner knowingness. When we do this, we immediately go past our “Dr. Spock mind” and connect to our higher self.

The Connection Between Spiritual Intuition and Higher Consciousness

Spiritual intuition is the gateway to higher consciousness. It is the ability to understand or have that inner knowingness without conscious reasoning.

When this happens, we begin to operate on higher levels and have a more profound sense of awareness within. 

The Role of Intuition in Spiritual Awakening and Growth

We are at a time on this planet where there is a global awakening, and our intuition plays a huge role in our spiritual awakening.

A highly developed intuition will give us the ability to learn to grow into our authentic selves as we become more aligned and empowered with our spiritual growth. 

The Benefits of Developing Your Spiritual Intuition

The main benefit of developing your spiritual intuition is creating a healthier and stronger soul. Our souls are the most precious and coveted aspect we have. 

There are also many other benefits to having a healthy spiritual intuition. When our intuition is strong, we learn to listen to the health of our bodies.

When does something feel off, and how can it be repaired?

Intuition also enhances our creativity, which helps us to make better decisions. Overall, a healthy intuition will help improve our spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and even financial health. And isn’t your soul worth it?

Girl standing on beach accessing Spiritual Intuition

 #1) Enhanced Self-Awareness and Alignment

Take a few moments to consciously breathe and learn to feel your body. Ground yourself.

If you find you are surrounded by electronics all day, every day, make sure to spend time out in nature. If you can, take off your shoes and feel the earth.

#2) Receiving Divine Guidance and Wisdom

When we make the time, and it doesn’t have to be a long amount of time, to listen to our higher self, it helps us to raise our frequency, make better choices, and our lives will run smoother.

#3) Navigating Life’s Challenges with Clarity and Grace

We all face adversity from time to time. We are here to learn lessons and gain wisdom on our karmic paths.

The Importance of Embracing the Wisdom of Spiritual Intuition

We are our soul. When we learn to embrace and cultivate our spiritual wisdom, not only does it help us connect to GodSource, improve our decision-making, and facilitate our creative aspects, but it also has the power and the potential to positively affect those around us as well.

Those around us will feel the positive energy, and it may shift their day and outcomes for the positive, too. 

Trust Your Intuition and Embrace Spiritual Guidance

If you are interested in developing your Intuition, there are many ways to go about developing it. If you feel you are at a crossroads and are looking for guidance, you may find a spiritual consult to be helpful.