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What is Soul Retrieval & When Is It Necessary

One of the most common questions I hear is, what is soul retrieval? Simply put, soul retrieval is the ability to strengthen, fortify and heal the soul. Our soul is God Source energy. Our souls are eternal. 

In fact, Christ talked about life everlasting, not death everlasting. As our souls exist throughout time, the soul energy can become broken down, fragmented, or even separated. This can happen from the traumas and abuses we experience, especially during childhood. 

Soul energy is what animates throughout the physical body. When we die and leave our physical bodies, the only aspect we take with us is our soul. We can’t take with us our favorite foods, our bank accounts, or our favorite pieces of furniture. This is because our karmic time here on this earth is done for now. Not forever, but at least for the time being. 

What Is Soul Loss?   

Soul loss can vary by degrees. Sometimes soul loss means that there is a chronic energy leakage within the person’s energy field. Sometimes that energy leak is a small trickle. Or it may feel like the Hoover Dam has opened, and a person is left feeling chronically exhausted for no reason. You may sleep all night and wake up tired. Perhaps you never feel like you are alone, that there is always something else with you constantly tapping your energy. Another sign of soul loss may stem from constantly feeling or getting blocked in areas that deny your success.

Throughout my years of working with clients, I have seen many types and degrees of soul loss, soul fragmentation, and soul pieces among the living and the dead. Yes, soul loss can happen in death.

What Is Soul Retrieval & Soul Loss?

How Does a Soul Become Lost?

One of the most common ways a soul may become lost or fragmented is when a person dies and does not cross over. They don’t ascend into the higher realms. They remain stuck, literally between Heaven and Earth. This is what we call ghosts or ghost energy. If there is one item I hope people take away from this is that every single soul needs to go home to the Heavens, Higher Realms and not linger as a ghost. 

This is where the soul becomes eroded and decays the quickest. Many of our religions have taught us that bad people deserve to go to Hell, Limbo, or whatever you want to call it. If you have a loved one, or even a not so loved one who died, you have the power and ability to help them to cross over. More on that at the end of this blog post.

Living a mortal life on this planet has never been more difficult and trying than right now. We are constantly talking about and working on our physical, mental, emotional, and even our financial health. But what about our soul health? This is key. The stronger we can make our soul, the smoother our lives go, and the fewer illnesses we acquire.  As our strength increases, so does our ability to tap into our higher self and gain innate wisdom. It is pertinent that we all safeguard and protect our souls. No one can do this for you. But we all can get help and assistance. This is why soul retrieval is imperative. 

When we experience childhood abuse or other traumas, it can erode our souls. It can weaken us on many levels. But this also creates a learning opportunity to learn how to treat others better, to learn self-worth and strategies on how to heal the soul. 

We are seeing an alarming rate of addictions. Addictions, especially drug addictions, can shatter the soul into many pieces. When it is broken down, there are dark beings that feed off this weakened soul energy. They do this because when they left the light of GodSource, they lost their energy (food) supply.

Humans are GodSource energy for these dark beings. These dark beings are capitalizing on the human soul, working hard to break us down for their benefit. This is why addictions are so hard to overcome. An addict has dark beings which manipulate them, putting thoughts in their heads and convincing them to keep using. 

When we knowingly manipulate someone for our personal gain, when we make false promises or derogatory accusations without merit, for instance, we compromise our soul health. This is especially true of someone who has narcissistic tendencies.

 A narcissist will find someone he can manipulate to gain more power. However, this type of power is derived from the lower frequencies, the dark side. Please note that no one can change the behaviors of a narcissist. What we can do is learn to love them from a distance to ensure they do not harm us or erode our souls.

What Is Soul Retrieval & When Is It Necessary?

Signs of a Lost Soul that You Should Be Aware of

You may feel that there is a sense of detachment from others, or you feel that there is a sort of disconnect that you cannot quite put words to. It’s possible that you may feel like an outsider looking in when it comes to your relationships.

On the other hand, you may find prayer and meditation difficult. You may find it difficult to quiet your mind, or you may see ‘black’ as some other solid color. When it comes to prayers and mediation, try not to overthink the process. Know that when we pray, we are speaking and connecting to GodSource and our higher self. When we meditate, we are listening to GodSource and our higher self. 

There is no one correct way to pray or meditate. Do what works for you. Maybe meditation works for you when you are washing the dishes, or prayer works better for you when you are gardening. Many times, we think that we need to sit in a lotus position for hours on end, waiting for some amazing message to come along. Rarely is that the case. 

The inability to be in the moment and absorb the great life moments may also be a sign that your soul needs healing. 

If you constantly see dark shadows out of the corner of your eye or feel that there is a negative energy or presence around you, seeking help to remove them and help with soul retrieval can be life-changing.

When Is Soul Retrieval A Good Idea?

If you are working on improving your spiritual path and seeking ways to remove blockages that are preventing you from living your ideal life, then finding a reputable practitioner to help with soul retrieval can go a long way. 

What to expect after a soul retrieval?

Rarely have I had a client during these sessions who fail to see an immediate shift in energy.  Many times, sessions are an educational process. I teach clients to use time-proven tools, t almost always, there is an improvement. Try it. What do you have to lose? Don’t you deserve to have the healthiest and strongest soul possible?

How To Perform A Soul Retrieval

Performing soul retrieval is an intimate process because every person is unique and has different soul and life experiences. For example, performing a soul retrieval for a person who has addiction issues may look very different than someone who sees dark entities or someone who is chronically exhausted. Finding the root cause of soul loss is key. Then those pieces and parts can become reunited within the person. It’s also critical that any spiritual practitioner who performs soul retrievals share insights on how to keep their client’s soul healthy.

Do I need a shaman or other spiritual practitioner? Can I do it myself? Do I need help? How do I know? These are all great questions to ask yourself. This type of introspection can be profoundly healing. Here are some basic do-it-yourself tips you can use to assist you on your spiritual path.

  • Upon going to bed, and when you wake up in the morning, spend 5 minutes focusing on your breathing. Feel yourself inhale and exhale slowly. Which parts of the body are moving? Which are stationary?
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a tapping technique where you tap key acupressure points on your body to release negative emotions and fears and to help the energy flow through the body. To find more information, type Emotional Freedom Technique in your browser.
  • If you sense you have dark energies or beings around you, you can create your own affirmation, such as, “I do not consent to…”  or “I do not give permission for any energy or entity to harm my soul.”

Also, know that if an issue may feel too great, you may need to consult with a spiritual practitioner. We can’t always do everything ourselves.

Soul Retrieval Can Help You Heal & Move Forward With Your Life

Soul Retrieval is a spiritual practice that can help you heal and move forward with your life. When I work with clients on soul retrieval, they are an active part of the process. It gives people ownership of their soul health and restores their personal power. Soul retrieval can help you heal and move forward with your life on a deeper spiritual level.

For more information on how to cross over a loved one, please check out Soul Tribe: Navigating the Spiritual War.