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What Is Spiritual Ascension?

To ascend means to go up or climb. It’s that simple. Spiritual ascension is about improving your soul’s health and wellness. It’s about the evolution of your soul and what that means for you. Spiritual ascension can also be referred to as spiritual awakening. We need to understand that each action we take, every thought we create, every aspect of us is spiritual. Our surroundings are spiritual. We cannot escape spirituality.

The concept of spirituality is not limited to only the higher dimensions or levels. Spirituality is more like a harmonic scale, with ups and downs and ebbs and flows. Many times, ascension can be two steps forward, one-step back process. The question becomes, what have you learned from your experiences?

What Causes Spiritual Ascension to Take Place?

Awareness is key to spiritual ascension. Maybe you had an experience that created an opening for you to become more aware of the truths and untruths around you. You may start to question all types of information, from religions to the news and even your family patterns. It is ultimately the search for truth. 

It seems that at this moment in history, there is a mass awakening of humanity. This mass awakening is also responsible for the divisions we see within our family structures, workplace, and friends. Some people are moving forward at a quicker pace than others, and this may create a delta or a frequency mismatch. In this process, it’s important to know that each of us is on our own unique path. It is not up to us to help someone to awaken spiritually if they do not ask for help or want the help. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be. This is about the individual journey.

What Is Spiritual Ascension?

What Are the Five Types of Spiritual Ascension?

There are many types and forms of ascension, but these five seem to be the ones most people have questions about. These five are chosen to illustrate the point that we are all interconnected on a microcosm to a macrocosm scale.

#1 Personal Ascension

Personal ascension is unique to you. It’s the culmination of your soul’s karmic path. Your actions, reactions, and the free will choices your soul has made throughout your soul’s history

Our souls are eternal, we live many lifetimes, and our souls exist between lifetimes. When we can understand that our souls exist outside of earthly time, space, and dimension, it helps to expand our conscious awareness of ascension, making ascension and de-ascension possibilities limitless.

#2 Planetary Ascension

Our planet Earth, some call it Gaia or Terra, is also involved in the ascension process, the evolution of our planet. Planets are also considered to be a life form.

All life changes.

This is the beauty of life as we are incarnated on this planet. We are seeing many changes; some we perceive as wonderful and others as somewhat horrifying.

No planet is stagnant, and that includes our weather and climate, oceans, rivers, landmasses, and all the inhabitants. 

#3 Galactic Ascension

And I am not talking about the video game here. We are not alone. There are many, many other types of beings and entities in the universe. All beings are spiritual. Some choose to evolve or ascend; others choose the opposite.

#4 Universal Ascension

We live within the multiverse, meaning ours is not the only universe out there. Each universe is based on its own frequencies and will ascend as they are ready. 

#5) Multidimensional Ascension

Every dimension has specific vibrational frequencies. These frequencies create the dimensions in which a multitude of beings reside.

For example, think of our color spectrum and the rainbow.

Each color has its own set of frequencies, and each set looks like a layer. We can view the multitude of other dimensions in this manner, it helps us to wrap our heads around this concept.

What Is Spiritual Ascension? (5 Types Of Ascension)

Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Ascension

There are many possible signs and symptoms of spiritual ascension. This is just a short list but do know that many times symptoms of ascension may feel uncomfortable. Look at them as a form of growing pains. 

  • The questions revolve around who am I, what is my purpose, and why am I here? Begin to permeate your thoughts.
  • You may find your psychic abilities, especially your inner knowing and spiritual intuition, growing.
  • Conversations with some people may begin to feel flat, as conversations about the weather are now boring.
  • You may begin to feel more connected to nature and animals.
  • You start to question your belief systems.
  • There is a heightened awareness of the energies around you.
  • You find you have a greater connectedness to GodSource.
  • Your creativity is expanding.
  • You have a deeper sense of inner connectivity and peace.

How Long Does Spiritual Ascension Last?

The answer to this is easy: How long does your soul last? Spiritual ascension ebbs and flows. Your soul may feel like you are on a huge upward trajectory for a few weeks or even years, and then it levels out for a while.

While this levels out, your soul is processing all those elements of ascension, either consciously or subconsciously. Then, later down the road, you do it all over again. Look at this as a spiral staircase that keeps going up. Every now and then, you get off the staircase to get to the floor you need to stop.

 What Happens After Spiritual Ascension?

After a spiritual ascension, you may see the world as brighter. You may feel more as you go about your daily life. Your chakra system may be in better alignment. Your psychic abilities naturally expand.

Spiritual ascension is a constant process, and there is not starting or stopping point. There may be periods of rest in between. 

I know it may sound a bit disheartening. Sometimes I even ask myself, can I get off this merry-go-round yet?

 How to Embrace the Journey of Spiritual Ascension

Learning how to embrace the journey of our spiritual ascension is the golden key. Know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Learn to really love yourself and appreciate who you are. Know that the changes you are going through are never permanent but rather it’s a part of the process. 

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