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What Is a Soul Contract & How Does It Affect Your Life?

A soul contract may have many surprising elements.  Years ago, it was late Fall or early Winter when I received a message from a woman who lived in Ohio. She reached out because she found out her daughter’s neighbor had a baby who died. She was concerned about this baby not crossing over. With the help of the woman who contacted me, we found the infant soul. The discussion with this baby soul was rather remarkable. This infant soul was wise beyond his six-month age. He stated his soul contract was to incarnate here to these parents in hopes of getting them back on track, so to speak. He agreed to come here to offer these parents a lesson and to give them an opportunity to make better choices.  

It was hoped that when the parents found out they were pregnant, they would stop using drugs. These parents failed the test. One day, his parents were using hard drugs. While inebriated, they forgot they left their precious little boy outside in a baby swing. The baby died from exposure that cold day. While this infant soul had only six months in his little body, his soul energy was not infantile. He came for the sole purpose to help those parents. They had the free will to make whichever choices they wanted.

A soul contract is an agreement we make with our spirit guides. These contracts are put into place before we incarnate, before we are born, onto this planet. A soul contract involves many other people and beings. They tend to be complicated yet simple. In theory, these agreements are meant to help the person have the needed experiences for soul growth and development. We all come here to examine and experience our soul purposes. There is a myriad of soul purposes that we can explore in each lifetime. 

Are Our Lives Predetermined?

What Is a Soul Contract?

The short answer to this question is yes and no. The key to the answer for the question is the concept of free will. Meaning, we have the ability to make choices and every choice we make does affect our soul contracts, for better or worse. However, there may be elements in our contracts that are more solid than others. For example, we may agree that our siblings join us, but based on our experiences we may be led down a different path for our career or place we choose to live. 

What Is a Soul Contract?

To better understand what a soul contract is, it’s important to understand what a soul is. Simply put, the soul is the energy that animates the physical body. This energy exists beyond our mortal time, space, and dimension.

We are all an energetic spiritual force that makes us who we are. We are spiritual beings far before we were ever human beings. Our time on this planet is relatively short when we come to realize that our souls are eternal. 

A soul contract is an agreement we make before we incarnate here on earth. It becomes a type of blueprint for your life. We can think of a soul contract as a type of outline for the mortal life we are about to live. Sometimes the frustrating part is that these contracts tend to be under a veil so that we cannot see them clearly.

There is a reason for this.

If we had all the answers, we wouldn’t to have these opportunities to learn and grow. It’s not much different than when we were in high school, and we had to take all those final exams. We all have had the information needed, but the ability to remember and apply the information is another layer to our soul growth.

How Does A Soul Contract Form?

A soul contract is formed in a very similar fashion as any business contract. We metaphorically sit down with our guides, discuss our goals, our hopes, and desires.

The plan is put into place. A part of this plan is knowing that we all have spiritual teams or guides, and we are never alone. Our spiritual team members to change as we evolve or de-evolve. They are karmically earned.

I do want to take a moment to mention that I have witnessed in past life regressions, some clients have experienced false contracts. These are contracts we make with impostor beings and have missing or inaccurate data. This is one example:

A Past Life Regression Turns into An Alien Abduction, Part 2:

A Past Life Regression Turns into an Alien Abduction, pt. 2 - VIDEO

What Is the Purpose and Significance of a Soul Contract?

The purpose of a soul contract is to be considered a guidebook while we live out our mortal lives. They are designed to help us to stretch and grow. They offer us the opportunities for lessons and experiences our souls need. All of us have within our soul contracts many purposes. Sometimes a soul’s purpose is to learn how to live through childhood. For others, it may be learning to master a musical instrument. Or perhaps it is to learn how to get along with others.

Recognizing & Embracing Soul Contracts

There are many ways to learn how to recognize elements in your soul contract. The first is simply having the awareness you have a soul contract. You may have an inner knowledge of specific people or places. You may start to realize the difficult people in your life are teaching you lessons, and the sooner you learn and internalize those lessons, the quicker you get to move forward.

Identifying Soul Contract Patterns

Sometimes we may have elements in our soul contract of negative patterns for which we are here to learn how to break free. Taking the time to inventory your life experiences may be critical in deciphering the elements of your soul contract. Look for clues. Does your boss seem to resemble the same overbearing characteristics as one of your parents? Do you seem to date the same personality type over and over?

Tools and Techniques for Soul Contract Exploration

Look for possible patterns in your life. Have you learned from them? If so, have you been able to make the proper changes to improve your life and soul health?

How to Work with a Soul Contract

Soul Contracts are oftentimes karmic in nature, meaning our contracts span our soul’s history and seek balance. If we lived several lives as an unscrupulous businessperson where we took advantage of others, our soul contract may be to have the experiences of other people taking advantage of us so that we get a deeper understanding as to the havoc we may have caused others.

Navigating and Fulfilling Soul Contracts

When it comes to navigating and fulfilling our contracts, we need to understand that our contracts are about developing our soul and expanding our knowledge through mortal experiences. When we complete one or several elements of our contract, new elements and opportunities may open for us.

Renegotiating and Releasing Soul Contracts

If you sense that you have a negative or harmful soul contract, you have the power within your soul to change that. This will take a lot of introspection, exploration and studying. It may also require the assistance of a trusted spiritual practitioner to help you navigate through your contract. 

Taking time for yourself through meditation and prayer may be extremely helpful. Look back through your life and examine those uncomfortable parts.

What did you learn? How have those lessons helped you?

How Can I Determine If I Have a Soul Contract?

We all have soul contracts. If you are seeking more information about your soul contract, a past life regression or contact with your higher self may give you those answers that you are seeking. Spiritual work is just that. It is work and it will pay off.

Don’t you deserve to have the healthiest soul possible?