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10 Signs of Reincarnation to Help You Connect with Your Past Life

Reincarnation, the timeless belief in the journey of the soul through multiple lives, beckons us to explore our existence beyond this moment. In this article, we take a look at the 10 signs of reincarnation that serve as windows to our past lives, inviting us to connect with the rich tapestry of our eternal journey.

What Is Reincarnation?

Our souls are eternal. Christ speaks of life everlasting, not death everlasting. We reincarnate here for the experiences. There are religions that have taken this concept out of their doctrines to gain control over us.

For example, they may tell us we have one chance to get it right or do the right things, or our souls will burn in an eternal hell. That is not how the system works, and these fear-based types of religions are designed to control and manipulate the masses.

It’s also not true that when we die, we float up to a cloud and play the harp for eternity. We have many chances to live, learn, evolve, and grow. We also get to reincarnate within our soul or family groups. 

10 Signs of Reincarnation

Does Everyone Experience Reincarnation?

Everyone will experience reincarnation as we are all here for the experiences we need. Every incarnation we experience, we have some control over.

For example, we will reincarnate here in different colored bodies, different cultures, and languages. When it comes to elements of racism, we need to truly understand we have all come here in various colors.

Is it possible that a “white” man came to the United States and murdered Native Americans and then he returned as a Native American? To learn what life is like as a Native American? Or vice versa?

We are seeing so much division in society based on color and belief systems. What if we start to look at these human elements with an eye of wisdom and discernment? What if we look at them from a point of humanity? How would that heal the wounds that so many feel are inflicted upon them?

Is It Possible to Learn About Your Past Life?

It is possible to learn about one or more of your past lives. One of the easiest ways is to look around you and what or who feels familiar or like home.

What type of artwork is of interest to you?? Are there certain parts of the world that you feel an affinity for? Certain foods you love or hate?

These can all be clues to parts of your past. But how can one become aware of these signs and interpret their true meaning? Read on to take a look at 10 signs of reincarnation that are surprisingly common.

10 Signs of Reincarnation to Help You Connect with Your Past Life

There are many ways in which we can learn about our past lives. The following are 10 common ways in which we can gain some insights into our soul’s history.

1. Past-life memories and vivid recollections.

It’s quite possible that you may have a spontaneous past life recall. You may have a feeling of being at a new location or meeting a person and have a sense of familiarity that is unexplained. 

You may have visions or dreams that are quite realistic.

2. Unlearned skills and talents displayed from an early age.

There are people who seem to be born with a certain sense of knowing. Maybe at a young age, you knew how to fix cars, play an instrument, or any other type of skill set without any formal training.  

These could be clues to bits of your past life history.

3. Phobias or fears linked to past-life traumas.

Any type of irrational fear or phobia could be a clue, such as a fear of water. Could it be that person had drowned? 

When we can confront that fear or phobia through a past life regression, it often disappears.

4. Repeated dreams or visions of past-life experiences.

If you have repeated dreams or visions, it could be your psychic muscle memory coming through. People who have died in wars may find this happening to them. 

5. Birthmarks or physical anomalies corresponding to past-life injuries.

Birthmarks and other physical anomalies can be clues. 

A port wine-colored skin discoloration could have meant that person died in a fire. A dark brown stain could indicate someone died of a bullet, sword, or arrow. 

These marks on the body are a form of muscle memory.

6. Recognizing familiar faces from past lives in current life.

Is it love at first sight or hate at first sight? We reincarnate with people we have been with in the past. Have you ever hugged someone you just met, and they felt so familiar? 

Why is that? 

Perhaps your souls see this more as a reunion rather than an initial meeting. Or have you ever met someone that just repulsed you? There could be a deeper reason for that.

10 Signs of Reincarnation to Help You Connect with Your Past Life

7. Strong attraction or aversion to certain cultures, languages, or traditions

If you find you can’t get enough of a certain culture, or maybe you learn a foreign language quite easily, this could be a sign of a past life recall. Or are there certain foods you loathe? 

Take some time to meditate and explore those aspects and see if you can come up more clues.

8.  Sudden changes in behavior or preferences without apparent cause.

Sometimes when we get to a particular age, we might experience a change that is unexplainable. 

For example, maybe at the age of 25 in your previous life, you became the leader of your tribe, and you took that responsibility seriously. Then in this lifetime, around the age of 25, you change direction and are more serious in your lifestyle.

9.  Feeling like an “old soul” or having wisdom beyond one’s years.

Do you find, at times, you have an inner knowing of a situation? Or perhaps, as a young child, you knew more than the adults around you?

10. Intense and unexplainable emotional connections to certain places or historical periods. 

If you see or go to some type of event or historical location or read about a place or time and you become extremely emotional about it, chances are pretty good that you have some sort of connection that may be unexplainable to the logical brain. 

Perhaps there is more to the story than you know.

Connecting with Your Past Life Begins with You

Connecting with your past lives can help you in many ways. If you are interested in exploring your past lives, there are many avenues in which you can explore. Hopefully, these 10 signs of reincarnation have given you a greater insight into how important this phenomenon can be.

 You are your soul. You have a deep and long history with your soul. Learning to connect the dots of that history can help us move forward with deliberate wisdom and an inner sense of knowing.

If you are curious about learning more about your past lives, we offer Past Life Regression services tailored to your exploration. We’re here to guide you through a voyage of rediscovering your soul’s purpose and decoding the signs of your past lives!