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What Are The Benefits Of Past Life Regression? (4 Benefits)

For someone who is actively seeking a deeper understanding of their soul’s history, they may be wondering what are benefits of past life regression. Our souls are eternal. Sometimes we may hear someone say something like, “They are an old soul.” This usually indicates a person who utilizes wisdom and discernment over an emotional knee-jerk reaction to a situation. 

Does Everyone Have Past Lives?

What is a past life, and do we all have one or more? Everyone has past lives, and we have all lived many lifetimes. Many religions know this. Yet, some religions have taken the concept of past lives, or reincarnation, out of their religious texts to gain more control over their ‘flock’. Let’s face it, if you have one chance to ‘get it right,’ you will follow the orders of the religious clergy in hopes of attaining access to those pearly gates upon death. 

The truth is we get many chances to ‘get it right.’ We all reincarnate to this planet for the experiences and lessons our soul needs. This planet is rich in those opportunities. 

Past life regression therapy is a tool that we can use to find out information on some of our past lives. During a regression, what will usually happen is the person is presented with the past life that is most impacting their current life. This can be very helpful when trying to understand some of the more difficult personalities in our lives. It may also help in understanding why someone may have certain physical or mental difficulties, as they are often left-over energetic signatures from past life traumas. Clearing these energies can be extremely helpful.

What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy entails that the practitioner works with the client to put them in a theta state of relaxation so that their subconscious and higher self can come through. Our subconscious is the recorder of our soul’s history and can work with our higher self to deem what revelations are needed to best help the soul. 

Benefits of a Past Life Regression

What Does Past Life Regression Therapy Entail?

When I do a regression, I send my client a list of questions to help focus the session. We then spend a decent amount of time going over that person’s history, including what they are hoping to gain from a session.  I remember a specific mom who wanted a past life regression to find out why all three of her children had different handicaps- from seizures to heart surgery to autism. She wanted to know what she did to deserve this. The answers were very humbling. Her children needed these experiences for their souls’ learning. These children picked this mom because she was the one they felt could best help them. At the same time, the mom had agreed to have these children in her life to help them.

There are some people who have spontaneous past-life recalls. It can show up as a form of déjà vu, or maybe you have an affinity to a certain culture, pick up a foreign language easily, or get triggered by an irrational fear of water. Look at your life and see what resonates with you and start putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together.

What Are the Benefits of Past Life Regression?

There are many benefits of past life regression that make it worth considering. One is an increase in self-awareness. Perhaps you have been dealing with a fear of heights. Then during a past life regression, you discovered you were pushed off a building or mountain. While this may sound scary, a competent regressionist will walk you through those traumas in a safe manner. As you go through this past life recall, the muscle memory of the soul is healed. You may find you are no longer afraid of heights or that the fear is now manageable.

#1) Increased Self Awareness

A past life regression may help you to understand your soul’s unique history and experiences. This allows you to gain insights and awareness of your everyday happenings. You begin to make these ‘aha’ connections. For example, if you had a parent who was tyrannical and overbearing, and now, as an adult, you find that you have a boss with these same personality traits, you can look at your situation with a lens of discernment and can react with more wisdom to certain situations. Once we learn the patterns, it can be easier to overcome them. 

#2) Heal From Emotional and Psychological Trauma

Another benefit is the ability to heal from physical, emotional, and psychological traumas. When we do a past life regression, oftentimes, it is common for our higher self to choose to revisit the past life that is most impacting our current life. I had a session with a client who is a public speaker, and all of a sudden, she became afraid to go out in public. When we did the regression, she discovered that she was a sheriff who was shot in the stomach in the 1800s. After that ‘aha’ moment, she has been fine, and I have to admit I love seeing her out in public doing her thing and being fully confident. Once the awareness is made, the wound from a past life trauma is greatly diminished and may even fully disappear into a distant memory. 

#3) Learn to Manage Your Negative Emotions and Feelings

A past life regression offers us a lot of introspection as to why we act or react in certain ways. If you find you find you often go to a place of fear or doom and gloom, it may be worth investigating why this is for you.

#4) Develop Conscious Control Over Your Whole Body

Many times, there may be people in our lives that trigger us easily. A past life regression can help strengthen your connection to a higher self. That will help you gain more autonomy and understanding on how to react with a heightened sense of wisdom to manage negative emotions and feelings. Learning what may emotionally trigger you and why is a powerful soul lesson that you will carry within you. This knowledge is very powerful for your greater good.

If you find the right practitioner, you may also be able to work on healing certain physical body ailments and develop conscious control over your whole body. You become more in tune with your subconscious, conscious, and higher self. It’s a form of recalibration, so to speak. A past life regression meditation involves the ability to quiet the mind and personal space. 

4 Benefits of a Past Life Regression

Can Anyone Be Regressed?

Can anyone take advantage of the benefits of past life regression? The short answer is yes. However, some people may require more time to get to the theta state, and that is just fine. It is important to know that your higher self will ensure that while you are in the theta state, you are fully protected.  The practitioner cannot do anything you do not consent to. I once had a young man who wanted to do a regression but was concerned he would embarrass himself. 

If you’re seeking a professional past-life regression, it’s important to find a practitioner you are comfortable with. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t like their answers, that person is not a good fit for you. And that is ok because this is about you and your soul healing.

Here at The Karmic Path, we offer Past Life Regression services and are here to answer any questions you may have before you commit to a session. We can assist by taking you on a journey to rediscover who you are, your soul’s purpose. Feel free to reach out and contact us today to learn more about how Past Life Regression can help you to heal your soul!