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What Are the Greys & Why Are They So Common?

When we think about aliens, most of us picture Greys, thin beings with spindly limbs, large almond-shaped heads, and black eyes. These are the extraterrestrials we think of when it comes to alien abductions, which drives our curiosities and fears.

Although there has been an uptick in their sightings since the 1940s, there have been recorded sightings throughout the history of this planet. 

Trigger Warning: This information has come from various sources, including interactions with clients. We need to remember that when we work on creating a healthy soul, we deny access to harmful beings.

Many times, people will contact me because they have missing time or odd health issues that are never properly diagnosed. The clip below shows a regression I did with a client to find out why she had missing time and health issues, and it led us to the Greys in a most unusual way.

Unveiling the Mystery: What Are the Greys?

Greys and other extraterrestrials are usually interdimensional beings, meaning they can transcend time and space. They use specialized technology to phase in and out of physical bodies while on the earth plane. When it came to the famous Roswell crash, was that ship’s technology destroyed? Leaving EBE1 (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) in a physical form and unable to shift back into an interdimensional state? 

There are many theories about who they are and from where they originate. It is said they come from the binary star system Zeta Reticulae. It is thought that they are here to experiment on humanity. 

Encounters with Greys are not for the betterment of humanity. They have a hive-mind mentality and are interconnected through their technologies. I was hired to remove a large cluster of greys that had invaded a series of office spaces.

They were constantly being spotted by the surveillance cameras.

What was interesting is that on these cameras, you could see these small white balls floating in the air and landing on a person. Then, within hours, that person was in an altercation with someone else. That floating ball would then disappear through the wall, which was their main portal.

This group of greys was experimenting on the people in that office space.

With the onset of technology, our cameras can more easily detect the presence of orbs, ghosts, and extraterrestrials. This helps us to remain in control and keep our power.

Defining Characteristics of Grey Aliens

There are many abductees/experiencers who have reported seeing different types of grey aliens. There are several species of greys, Tall Whites, Zetas, are larger and are usually the ones who are the overseers and brokers between them and other species, such as Reptilians, Mantids, and others.

Grey Alien

Historical Context and Emergence in Pop Culture

Roswell Barney and Betty Hill were a couple who, in recent times, claimed to have been abducted in 1961. Their case drew national and international attention and popularized the greys, adding to lore and legend. What I find interesting is that their memories failed to be wiped after the abduction.

They had a clear recall of the spaceship they were on and what happened to them. This was the case that created an emergence of Greys within American pop culture. 

What Do Greys Want?

Testing and harvesting our DNA as they have evolved themselves out of the ability to procreate, thus needing human DNA and human hosts. 

Common Theories About Grey Aliens’ Objectives

Biological Grey Drones have been created in laboratories and are not able to maintain a natural biological/spiritual connection, nor are they able to evolve on a spiritual level. This is problematic as they see no reason why their abductions of people are a big deal. They have lost their moral compass and, coupled with military grey technologies, they have no problem experimenting on us.

Their bodies are generally weak, but they do have superior mental and telepathic abilities. With their psionic abilities, they can control the humans and animals they are abducting.

They can clone and replicate their consciousness. I worked on another project where Greys experimented on groups of children and adults who they deemed to have higher levels of consciousness. The Greys were threatened by this group and wanted to know why and how to stop its evolution.

They felt this group could alter their mission.

This group of tall white greys was found all over the security cameras. In fact, you could see them planting devices on the people to modify their behaviors. I called these devices ‘scouts’, my term. These little worm-like entities were shown to land on people, and then within an hour, that person would be in an irrational conflict with another person. This was all caught on security cameras.

The Greys don’t care about humanity. They are more scientific in nature and abduct us and run all sorts of experiments on us. 

Interaction with Humans: How Do They Affect Our Lives?

Greys heavily impact our human existence, especially in the Western world. They are responsible for our economic system and the concept of credits and debits. Greys have replication technologies and as they accrue credits, they can replicate their consciousness to multiple locations.

Greys are also those extra-terrestrials that are known for alien abductions. When they abduct a person, they often experiment on them, they can place trackers and other devices within us, and will harvest our DNA. These seem to be the three main stories that abductees will report. 

Greys will also create false contracts with humans they have abducted. In most cases, these contracts are not above board. Their contracts they try to create with us are contracts of omission, leaving out pertinent data, and false contracts. Contracts that are based on lies. They do this to gain control over us, to mitigate our free will.

It is up to us to realize and break free from these falsehoods. 

To gain control over humanity, they have begun to implement The Transhumanism Movement—the pursuit of the capture of the human soul. More and more people seem to have thoughts so ingrained that they are not able to change or adapt any belief system. They become irrational at certain elements in the news and cannot seem to think for themselves.

Another clue can be people whose eyes were black or vacant, and they lack any form of a moral compass. This can be an indication that a person’s soul is in jeopardy.

Grey Alien Abudction

Analyzing the Popularity: Why Are Greys So Common in Alien Lore?

Greys may be one of the most popular extra-terrestrials, this could be because they resemble the human figure and there is a slightly less form of cognitive dissonance when it comes to seeing a Grey versus an Insectoid.

Psychological and Sociological Perspectives on the Fear of Greys

Greys are telepathic and can use their minds to do their work. Many abductees report that they are frozen, unable to move or speak, but that the greys are communicating with them. This adds an element of fear, if not full-on terror.

There are thrill seekers who actively seek out encounters. My advice is to be careful.

The Greys as a Cultural Symbol in Science Fiction

Greys have had a large impact in science fiction. Why is that? Because in many cases, science fiction isn’t so much fiction. Our writers and entertainers get their information from somewhere, right?

For example, people constantly report J.K. Rowling’s dementor beings, those dark, shadowy, wispy creatures that fly around.

How Greys Influence Current UFO Research and Theories

Greys have become a part of many conspiracy theories, from government disinformation campaigns to mind control experiments to helping to create the New World Order.

Closing Thoughts: Reflecting on the Enduring Fascination with Greys

If you feel you have been abducted, have unresolved conflicts, struggle with soul sovereignty, it may be worth working with a qualified spiritual practitioner to see how you are being influenced and then to break those chains, to retain your soul sovereignty.