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What Are Reptilian Shapeshifters & Are They Real?

Reptilian shapeshifters were outed in the summer of 2023 when a woman on an airplane saw one. The reality of this situation created a form of cognitive dissonance for many people, calling her crazy or mentally unstable. So, what really happened? My thoughts on this is that another passenger was inhabited by one of these entities, and it decided to have some fun with this woman and reveal itself to her for a moment. But what are reptilian shapeshifters?

Reptilian shapeshifters left the light of GodSource, and they need our energies to fuel themselves. It’s that simple and that sick and twisted. These entities wreak havoc on so many of us every day.

Can Reptilian Shapeshifters Possibly Be Real, or Are They a Science Fiction Phenomenon? 

Science fiction is always based on some sort of reality. Think about the expression that art imitates life.

Why is this? 

For example, in the Harry Potter series, the Dementors are a real type of dark entity that swirls around us. The author somehow was gifted that knowledge, and it was put into this series to show us who and what they are but disguised under the concept of science fiction.

The First Question We Need to Address Is: What Is a Shapeshifter? 

A shapeshifter is someone or some entity or being that is not portraying themselves as they truly are. An excellent example of a shapeshifter that we can all relate to is the all-too-familiar story about a beloved priest who ends up being a child pedophile.

We expect him to be one thing when the truth is, he is a monster.

Venturing into the Realm of Reptilian Shapeshifters

There are several species of reptilians. The larger ones tend to be more of the physical warrior types. The smaller ones are the ones who are the overseers and give directions. Many times, they have red or yellow eyes. The ones with the yellow eyes have pupils that are vertical, and not round.

You may see a fleeting image of yellow eyes or some sort of shadow out of the corner of your eyes.

 What Are Reptilian Shapeshifters & Are They Real?

What Are Reptilian Shapeshifters?

Reptilians are one of many alien entities that are influencing so many of us. In a nutshell, the reptilians are the ones who created the Communist form of government we see on our planet. They utilize humans as worker bees.

They will infiltrate governments and inhabit our global leaders.

If you are sensitive enough to see between the dimensions, look at some of our global leaders, and you may see some physical anomalies. They can come and go into humans. As they do this, they take over that human’s soul. In essence, they kidnap the soul.

We often think of the concept of a kidnapping as purely third-dimensional. This is why creating a healthy and strong soul is vital to our soul sovereignty. They cannot access us when our soul is strong. 

As a side note, the Greys are responsible for our capitalistic societies of debits and credits. ☺

The Mythology and History Behind Reptilian Shapeshifters

Pretty much all cultures have words or concepts for these entities. The Chinese have dragons. The Maya have Chaac. The Aztecs have Tlalac. There are Jinn in the Middle East. The Christians have the serpent in Genesis.

All cultures throughout history have words and concepts about reptilians.

From Ancient Lore to Modern Myth: The Evolution of Shapeshifter Beliefs

Future proves past. What I mean by this is that we have heard about these entities throughout ancient lore and myths. Now, with the advancement of technologies, our cameras and videos now capture elements that were once thought of as myths, such as ghosts and portals.

I have a trail camera that I use just for this purpose. It’s a part of my defense system. There have been images of entities trying to break through. In one series of photos over the course of an hour, you can see the entities breaking through and my spiritual team removing them.  

The Skeptic’s Lens: Scientific Scrutiny on the Existence of Shapeshifters

I love a good skeptic because they help me to create a logical trail behind what is happening in the unseen, energetic world. Sometimes this kind of information can be so debilitating that people form a sense of cognitive dissonance.

There are people in certain religions who absolutely hate what I do. They consider my work to be ‘of the devil.’  They can’t bear the thought of this reality, and this is their form of protection.

The Anatomy of a Shapeshifter: What Are They?

Shapeshifters are entities who can read our minds and portray themselves as our inner desires or even our greatest fears. Creating a strong mind and soul means they have a tough time accessing you.

Are Reptilian Shapeshifters Dangerous?

More than likely, though, it is said that there are a few here who have been able to elevate their conscious levels and are now working to help the benevolent galactic federation and humanity.

Closing Thoughts: How to Deal with Reptilian Shapeshifters

Break any contracts you may have with them. You may have heard of people making statements such as, “I do not consent.” Each one of us has many types of soul contracts. When it comes to contracts and nefarious entities, many times these contracts are not true to you.

These are either false contracts, contracts of omission, or contracts where we are forced into something because of them mitigating our free will. We have a right to break these contracts. When we do this, we regain our soul sovereignty.

Learn to raise your frequency and keep working on your spiritual practices. Learn to use spiritual discernment when communicating or contacting any type of being. Never, ever assume you are speaking with or working with a specific entity without testing them.