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How Many Spiritual Dimensions Are There?

How many spiritual dimensions are there? This is the million-dollar spiritual question. The answer depends on many factors. One is your spiritual belief system and understanding of dimensions. Many religions and spiritual philosophies discuss various types of dimensions and break them down according to their belief structures. It doesn’t make it wrong or right; it just is.

What Are Spiritual Dimensions?

The concept of spiritual dimensions often refers to the existence beyond our physical realm and is associated with spirituality and metaphysics. There are many variations and beliefs about the concept and construct of spiritual dimensions. When I speak on this subject, I refer to dimensions as to where otherworldly types of beings reside. 

Others categorize dimensions differently, such as the second dimension representing the emotional realm, the third dimension our intellect, and the fourth dimension revolves around our higher consciousness. The fifth dimension is about transcending our limitations, and the 7th dimension is pure energy.

Within Hinduism, the first dimension is about the inside of physical objects that we cannot see. The second dimension is about what we can see and touch.

The bottom line is that each spiritual dimension is formed by frequencies.

How Many Spiritual Dimensions Are There?

How Many Spiritual Dimensions Are There?

This is a tough question to answer properly. Some say that there are 7 dimensions; others say there are 27 and more dimensions. Some say that there are an infinite number of dimensions and even parallel dimensions. 

However, I have a definite view of the dimensions of the world where I reside and the type of work I do trying to solve people’s problems. It works for me and those I know.

Acknowledging that we live on an earthly planet where we walk around due to gravity and the Earth revolving in our planetary solar system, it became obvious to me through study and experience that the current definitions I use make sense.

Let’s start in numeric order to not rank any one dimension in order of importance over the other.  The dimensions just exist and are contained by frequencies.

The First Dimension: Basic Elements

The first dimension consists of basic elements. Think of single-cell particles, so to speak, and I don’t generally work in this dimension. It’s extremely basic. 

The Second Dimension: Devic Kingdom

The Devic Kingdom is the realm where fairies and sprites reside. They range in size from approximately 8 inches to 4 feet tall. Many have wings.

These elemental beings can only utilize the energies on the planet, and humans create most of these energies. These beings work directly with nature. They help to keep nature in balance.

The Third Dimension: Conscious Awareness

This is our physical earth plane, the dimension where time, space, and gravity combine to allow us to live out our mortal lives. This dimension is the physical everyday plane where our homes, cars, and grocery stores exist. 

A friend says it’s the boots-on-the-ground place where human tasks get completed.  This dimension is our home base until we leave our physical bodies.

The Fourth Dimension: The space between Heaven and Earth

The fourth dimension is the place between heaven and Earth. Originally, when a human or animal dies and leaves their physical bodies, they go from the third to the fourth dimension to the higher realms. It is a step-up transformer to help us raise our frequency as we return Home to the higher realms. However, this dimension is now problematic.

This is where those beings who left the light of GodSource ended up. They have hijacked this dimension, and they soul-nap human souls for their energetic benefit. They no longer have access to GodSource energy and utilize human souls. This is why it is so important for all ghost souls to cross over to the higher realms as fast as possible.

Spiritual Dimensions

The Fifth Dimension: Spiritual Awakening, or the Heavens

When crossing over a client’s loved one, I often refer to a higher dimension beyond the fourth dimension as a higher realm. The term higher realm denotes a place where deities reside and where it’s assumed as a safe place of higher spiritual achievement.

This is a spiritual awakening.

It is also the entry point to what many refer to as the Heavens. This is where, ideally, our spiritual guides and teams reside, along with beneficial extra-terrestrials, to assist us while we are living our mortal lives.

Beyond the Fifth: Higher Dimensions and Their Meanings

These are the higher vibrational dimensions where light beings reside. They transcend time, space, and gravity, and there is more of a unity consciousness with them. In these realms, there is more of an all-knowingness. These are the ones who abide by Spiritual Laws, unlike the entities in the fourth dimension.

How to Tap into The Spiritual Dimensions

Whenever you decide to tap into other spiritual dimensions via mediation, astral projection, or any other manner, please be wise and judicious as to who, what, and where you connect. The dark side works hard to shapeshift and impersonate.  Your soul health and wellness are the priority. One way I normally vet my guides is through the visualization technique of pouring down a high-frequency substance, such as frankincense or even salt. 

Learning more about raising personal frequency is probably the most common way to tap into these other dimensions. Working with a trusted spiritual practitioner is another way to tap into these other realms.

Harmonizing Life with Spiritual Dimensions

The key is to build and maintain a healthy soul. Those souls who are fractured, need healing, and/or don’t work on themselves will find this difficult. Spirituality is not a contest, but we can all work on ourselves and heal.

Closing Thoughts: Embracing the Infinite

There is a saying that goes, “There is no such thing as no such thing.” This means that we are limited by our mortal human mind construct.

When we can learn to open the doors with intention and wisdom and continue our spiritual learning paths, we can grow and heal at accelerated rates.