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The 6 Types Of Spiritual Guides & How To Communicate With Them

There are many types of spirit guides, and learning to discern who they are, where they come from, and how to communicate with them is vital to your soul’s health and wellness.

Understanding Spirit Guides and Their Impact on Our Lives

When we are born, we all have a spiritual team. These entities are ideally here to assist us on our mortal journey. Our spiritual teams ebb and flow, come and go, depending on our deeds and actions. 

It’s imperative to understand that we all have spirit guides, our Soul Tribe. We need to know that not all spirit guides pitch for the same team.

This means our spirit guides are karmically earned.

When we learn how to call upon our guides with intention and discernment, it helps us to create, build, and maintain a healthy soul.

 Defining Spirit Guides: Allies in Our Spiritual Journey

The 7 Types Of Spiritual Guides

The most significant element to understand is to learn to assess if the spirit guides you are communicating with are yours and for your greater good.

We often assume who or what we are communicating with is who they say they are. The dark side depends upon our complacency. 

For example, if you believe you are working with Archangel Michael, how do you vet that process to ensure you don’t have an impostor? In our physical, third-dimensional world, we would never hire a stranger babysitter to take care of our baby. 

We look for recommendations, check references, and do background checks to ensure that a person is safe leaving your child. 

Why should you assume that your spirit guide is a good guy without a vetting process? 

Identifying Six Types of Spirit Guides

There are many types of spirit guides. They come from many parts of the Heavens or higher dimensions.

How can Archangel Rafael help so many or be called upon by so many simultaneously?

Because he isn’t encumbered with a physical body. He is an energetic signature, allowing him to be simultaneously in multiple places and situations.

Every organization has a hierarchy. The angelic and all other dimensions are no different.

Let’s explore some of these types of spirit guides in greater detail.

#1) Archangels

These guys are the big deal. They have a very large, energetic signature about them and oftentimes, a specialty. For example, archangel Rafael can be called upon for healing elements for which you need assistance.

#2) Guardian Angels

Many people in the spiritual communities will say we all have guardian angels. This is not always the case. What type of guardian angel do you think Jeffery Epstein had?

Get my point? 

They are karmically earned. It’s also important to know that our guardian angels cannot interfere unless we ask for their help.

Don’t be shy when asking for their help. The more we ask, the deeper our connections become.

#3) Spirit Animals

I work with a young woman in the UK who has a white wolf that is her spirit animal protector. She mostly has contact with him in her sleep state.

He is there to guide and protect her and has warded off negative entities for her. They are a team, so to speak.

A couple of times, an impostor wolf would come in, but she knew something was off.

#4) Ascended Masters

These are light beings with a highly evolved level of consciousness who have gone beyond the reincarnation cycles and have chosen to grace the earth in human form for the development and evolution of humanity.

Jesus, Mary, and Buddha are examples of ascended masters.

#5) Departed Loved Ones

There is a common misconception that when a child dies, that child automatically becomes an angel.  When our loved ones die, the ONLY way in which they can assist us is when they cross over into the Higher Realms, the Heavens.

If a loved one dies and lingers as a ghost, that ghost energy has a low frequency

It will inadvertently cause all sorts of financial and mental health issues and mechanical issues around the home, such as electrical or plumbing problems. 

The book Soul Tribe: Navigating the Spiritual War offers strategies for helping your loved one cross over. No one deserves to linger as a ghost. 

#6) Elemental Beings

Elemental beings are second-dimensional beings, the devers, or those who reside in the Devic Kingdom. They are also known as faeries, sprites, and the like.

They can only utilize the energies humans give off.

When we see angry weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and fires, this is because nature is out of balance. (Weaponized weather patterns are not included in this.)

How Spirit Guides Communicate with Us

What is a spirit guide

Our spirit guides communicate in many ways. We just need to learn to pay attention, look for signs, and recognize synchronicities. When you look at the time on the phone, do you see number patterns? 

They can send us dreams, work with us when we are sleeping to teach us how to handle situations or help us navigate future events.

Signs and Synchronicities: Understanding the Language of Guides

They can give us many signs to know that they are with us and that we are not alone. This can be especially helpful when we are going through difficult times. For example, you may hear a song repeatedly coming on.

Synchronicity means that we are experiencing a meaningful coincidence. Perhaps you are constantly thinking of a friend or a loved one, and then they call out of the blue.

Both of your spiritual teams may have helped orchestrate that connection somewhere behind the scenes.

Cultivating Connection: Practical Steps to Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

Just like any relationship worth having, we need to put time and effort into it.

Give yourself the gift of meditating and learning how to connect with your spirit guides and vet them to make sure they are the real deal.

Presence and Mindfulness: The Foundation for Receiving Guidance

Learning to quiet our minds and be present and in tune helps us learn how to feel or sense that they are around us. 

Journaling and Naming: Personalizing Your Communication

Journaling a conversation with your spirit guides can help you connect with them. If you are trying to figure out how to communicate through writing, start by asking a question and simply start to auto-write what the answers are.

Try not to think as you write; simply let it come through the writing.

Conclusion: Integrating the Guidance of Spirit Guides into Everyday Life 

hopefully, this guide has given you a more in-depth understanding of the different types of spirit guides and their roles.

As we have shown, perhaps the most critical element in your soul health is learning how to vet and assess your spirit guides.

Our Spiritual Self-Defense online courses are designed to help you do this – sign up today to learn how to protect yourself!