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The 4 Types of Spiritual Energy & How They Affect Us

There are many types of spiritual energy. It’s important to understand that energy comes in many frequencies, and not all frequencies are optimal for every person. Just because it’s considered spiritual doesn’t mean it will be good for you. I’ll explain.

What Is Spiritual Energy?

We are multidimensional, energetic beings. Everything we do and everything around us carries a frequency or a vibration. Spirituality is all-encompassing. We are all spiritual beings interacting with one another and having spiritual experiences. 

Energy knows no boundaries and is in continual flow. However, it can also become blocked and stagnant. Learning how to clear energy blockages and improve the flow of energy will help enhance our vital life force.

The 4 Types of Spiritual Energy & Their Unique Characteristics 

The Karmic Path - 4 Types of Spiritual Energy

The unseen, energetic world impacts all of us. There are four basic concepts of spiritual energies. Each of these energies carry with them specific characteristics.

#1) The Vital Force: Pranic Energy

Prana is life force energy, also known as chi or qi. It gives us life and sustains us. It permeates and is within all living beings. 

This life force energy is within us all. We can enhance our pranic energy in many ways, from breathwork to consuming healthy foods. 

Practicing yoga is also said to help with the flow of prana.

#2) The Emotional Current: Emotional Energy

Emotions are pure energy. Each emotion carries with it a frequency or a vibration. Stephen Hawking’s Power vs. Force book shares his map of consciousness, which measures the frequencies of our emotions or consciousness. 

For example, the emotion of shame has a vibrational analysis of 20, while joy is at 540.

When we talk about our emotional state, it’s important to be authentic with our understanding of our emotions. Pretending to be constantly happy to raise your vibration is simply spiritual bypassing. 

We need to do the work to achieve happiness or any other vibrational state we desire.

#3) The Power of the Mind: Mental Energy

Mental energy is the force behind our thoughts and beliefs. It shapes our perception and influences our reality. Harnessing this energy through mindfulness and positive thinking can transform our life experiences.

By focusing our mental energy on positive outcomes, we not only elevate our own vibration but also contribute to a more harmonious world.

Cultivating a practice of mindful awareness and selective thought engagement empowers us to navigate life with intention and clarity, making mental energy a crucial component of our spiritual well-being.

#4) The Universal Connection: Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy can also be thought of as soul energy. The mind, body, spirit, and consciousness are the all-encompassing soul energy that we all exist within.

Practical Ways to Enhance Your Spiritual Energy

There are many ways we can enhance our spiritual energy. The goal is to create a solid baseline energy. This way, when life knocks us down, we tend not to fall as hard and are able to rebound and recover faster. Practicing gratitude will do a lot to enhance our spiritual energy and help us with our ascension process. 

Learning how to heal our hurts and wounds will also help. It’s important to understand that healing has no earthly timeline. The ability to heal old wounds and traumas happens in degrees and layers. 

Cultivating Pranic Energy Through Breathwork

Prana comes from Hindu philosophy, and yoga is one way to learn breathwork. 

Breathwork has many benefits, such as achieving deeper sleep, helping to balance blood pressure, reducing depression, and improving mental clarity. 

Harnessing the Power of Emotions

Our emotions are a powerful energy force, and when we can learn to harness that energy, we can manipulate and control detrimental emotions to transmute them. 

The ability to control our emotions can be especially helpful when we are dealing with negative emotions to ensure we don’t contaminate others. 

For example, if you find yourself extremely angry, those emotions can, and often do, contaminate the energy around other people. Energy has no boundaries.

Strengthening Mental Energy with Mindfulness

Our minds are our most powerful asset. They process emotions, help us make decisions, and can also connect us to higher sources for answers. 

Learning to be mindful and present helps strengthen our intuition.

Deepening Spiritual Connections for Enhanced Energy

Learning to improve our spiritual intuition, connect to our higher self, and connect and grow our spiritual teams will deepen our spiritual connections. 

One element to consider is learning how to discern who or what we are communicating with when connecting to our spiritual teams.

The Importance of Balancing Our Spiritual Energies 

When karma is out of balance, there is tension. When we experience tension, this is a huge sign that we are out of balance. 

The ability to determine what is out of balance and why is key to ensuring spiritual health.

Identifying and Overcoming Energy Blockages

When we feel stuck, unmotivated, or experience unexplained anxieties or fears, our subconscious is trying to tell us that there is a blockage. 

There are many ways to clear energy blockages; the first is to identify something amiss. When we are dealing with energy blockages, sometimes mediation and prayer can help. 

If that doesn’t work, you may need to find a trustworthy spiritual practitioner to help remove those blockages.

Energy Harmony and Alignment

The sky is the limit when our energies are in harmony and alignment. This means that we are actively working on healing and ascension.

Fostering a Deeper Connection with the Types of Spiritual Energy 


As we learn to work with energies, how they impact us and how they affect us- both positively and negatively- is all a part of learning who we are and how we are here to serve humanity. 

When we can connect on deeper levels, we can better connect GodSource energies and improve our soul health.

Protecting Yourself Against Negative Energy Forces

When we learn how negative energy forces can impact us, we will learn how to protect ourselves against the negative, energetic world. 

This includes low vibrational frequencies, dark entities, and so much more. Knowledge is power. The more we know, the more we know.