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What Is Heavy Energy & How Does It Affect Us?

Heavy energy can be considered a heavy etheric weight that can hold us down, exhaust us, and even create a loss of productivity. But what is heavy energy, and why does it affect us so adversely? Let’s explore the concept in detail.

What Is Heavy Energy?

Have you ever heard the expression, “The tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife?”

This is a classic example of heavy energy.

What Does Heavy Energy Mean?

Everything has a frequency energetic signature. Many energy workers understand this. Energy workers can mitigate and transmute heavy and negative energies to be properly removed from their clients and/or properties.

Energy is simply frequency. We are constantly being bombarded by many types of frequencies. When these energies are low vibrational, they feel heavy and overwhelming. 

Heavy clouds

Common Sources and Causes of Heavy Energy

  • Chronically negative people
  • Negative emotions
  • Dirty electricity
  • Electromagnetic frequencies
  • Unhealthy diets and lifestyle
  • Infiltration from the unseen energetic world

Emotional and Psychological Factors Contributing to Heavy Energy

The constant bombardment of information, especially information that is out of your control, can leave us feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

We need to remember to focus on what we can control and what we can change.

Identifying the Signs: How Heavy Energies Manifests

Heavy energy can manifest in many ways. We need to look hard at how we conduct our lives. In one of our latest blogs, we explain how to raise your frequency, which we recommend checking out!

Physical Symptoms of Heavy Energy Presence

Unexplained medical issues are common physical signs of dealing with heavy energy. This is because these energies weigh heavily on the body, and the body’s response to them varies from person to person.

Emotional and Mental Effects

Depression, anxiety, and brain fog are some of the most common physical symptoms of dealing with heavy energies.

Techniques for Managing and Releasing Heavy Energy

Get moving! Exercise. When we physically move our bodies, it helps to shift and release heavy energies.

Eat clean foods. Many times, when we have heavy energies with us, we may feel like we need to eat carbohydrate-rich foods. Avoid processed foods, too. One of my favorites is to drink hot water with lemon.

Mark off items on your to-do list. Uncompleted goals or action plans can create fear-based stagnation within us. This can make us feel paralyzed. 

We work on healing our past traumas by doing hard spiritual work to heal our souls through various techniques, such as  EFT tapping.

Grounding Practices to Counteract Heavy Energies

Get outside and walk around barefoot in the earth if you can. There has been a lot of research about the concept of earthing, walking barefoot in the grass and earth. 

The earth is a conductor of free electrons, and walking barefoot allows our body, which is mostly made of water, to absorb the nutrients within the earth. 

Earthing does not cost money; it also gives us time to meditate as we walk around. This simple exercise is a great way to release heavy energies.

Cleansing Spaces and Auras from Heavy Energies: The Role of Mindfulness in Dealing with Heavy Energy

One of the best ways to reduce and remove heavy energies is to learn how to clear yourself and your spaces. In my book, Soul Tribe: Navigating the Spiritual War, I go into detail on how to clean and clear you and your spaces.

Heavy energies

Harnessing Intuition and Inner Guidance

Intuition is our most vital psychic ability.  When we learn how to tune into our intuition, we begin to connect to our higher self and the higher realms.

As we learn to harness our intuition, we will also find that our levels of wisdom increase, allowing us to have better actions and reactions to life’s events.

Closing Thoughts: Transforming Heavy Energy into Positive Change

When we learn to transform and transmute heavy energies, we will find that positive change replaces what was once heavy and overwhelming energies.

Learning Spiritual Self-Defense strategies and how the unseen energetic world affects us gives a solid foundation for our soul’s health and wellness.