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What Is Spiritual Discernment? (Signs & Power Explained)

What is Spiritual Discernment?

Spiritual Discernment is the ability to distinguish between safety, harm, or negative thoughts by using our senses- to make out, reason, recognize, and tell apart. When dealing with the spiritual realms, we look between dimensions. This is especially important when working with our spiritual teams and spirit guides.

Exploring the Essence of Spiritual Discernment

We need to understand that we are spiritual beings and there are many dimensions or realms with which we connect. Not all the beings and entities are who they say they are. It’s no different than in our physical world. A beloved priest turns out to be a pedophile, for example.

That priest is not who he says he is. The same exists in other dimensions. Discerning who or what we communicate with is critical for our soul health. 

What happens when we think we are talking or working with Arch Angel Michael? Is he a shapeshifter or an impostor being? This is more common than we may like to admit. This is the crux of the situation.

We must understand that the dark side relies on our naiveness or laziness. 

Defining Spiritual Discernment: Perception, Comprehension, and Evaluation

The ability to avoid being deceived is difficult in our third-dimensional world. How do we trust? How do we know that something is for our greater good or not?

We need to apply these concepts to the spiritual realms as well. 

Is Discernment a Spiritual Gift?

Discernment is not a gift. It is an ability that is learned and earned.

The Importance of Discernment in Spiritual Growth

Spiritual discernment is key to our soul health. The more we can learn to discern, the stronger and healthier our soul becomes.

Spiritual discernment is perhaps the most important work we can incorporate into our spiritual growth.

What Is Spiritual Discernment? (Signs & Power Explained)

How to Cultivate Spiritual Discernment

We must start by learning to develop and trust our intuition, our most valuable psychic ability. Our intuition keeps us safe and connects us to our spiritual teams. It’s our intuition that helps us to grow spiritually.

Practical Tips for Enhancing Discernment in Your Journey

There are many ways to practice spiritual discernment. Many ways are through visualization techniques. Our mind is our most powerful asset. We can do much with the power of thought. Have you ever heard the concept that thoughts are things? Our thoughts can be quite powerful.

In my book, Soul Tribe: Navigating the Spiritual War,  I discuss many aspects and elements of spiritual discernment. Let’s say you are trying to meditate and connect with your spiritual team. It’s important to validate to whom what we speak or connect with.

One of the easiest ways is to visualize yourself pouring salt on any entity you communicate with. Salt cleanses in all dimensions.

Simply close your eyes, sense where your spiritual guides are that you are trying to connect and visualize yourself pouring salt on them. 

If they disappear or shapeshift, it means you dodged a bullet. If they remain the same, it means you have guides from the higher realms.

You can also use frankincense oil or any other high-frequency substance.

Identifying Deceptive Information: The Role of Discernment

In the spiritual realm, we must understand that many types of beings and intelligences may not be for our greater good. They will if they can gain access to us through trickery or deceit.

They will create a crack in our foundation, eroding our soul health.

Intuition and Discernment: Understanding Your Inner Guidance

Learn to trust yourself. Many of us have had our intuition beaten out of us as children. We were told to stop imagining and believing. This is also an opportunity for us to learn how to regain our intuition.

There are practices and exercises that you can do to improve your intuition. It can be as simple as writing three words on three pieces of paper and feeling the energy of the words to select if you have the correct one. This takes practice.

Signs You’re Excelling in Spiritual Discernment

How are you living your life? What are you doing to resolve any problems or issues? Does life flow smoothly for you? Are you finding you are on an accelerated path for learning?

These are some of the signs that what you are doing is working for you.

It’s also important to mention that even those of us may seem on a more difficult path. Sometimes it is what we choose. We may choose to learn how to overcome financial difficulties or learn how to leave an abusive situation.

The point is we are learning and evolving.

It’s not always pretty or easy, and we need to understand this is why we are here and what we are here to learn.

The Power of Discernment in Navigating Spiritual Challenges

All of us will go through a variety of challenges. How we learn to act, react, and grow from them enables us to evolve or even de-evolve spiritually.

Enhancing our discernment skills allows us to develop our intuition and grow spiritually.

Conclusion: The Transformative Impact of Spiritual Discernment

Learning spiritual discernment and spiritual self-defense strategies will help us cultivate a healthy soul and create stronger connections to GodSource and our true spiritual being.

If you are interested in learning more about this concept, our 3-part online course Spiritual Self Defense is about learning how the unseen energetic world impacts your life. Sign up today to learn about dimensions, which entities reside in them, and how to discern and identify your spiritual guides.