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What Is A Starseed (& What Are The Different Types)?

A Starseed is a person who feels a deep connection to the stars, the cosmos, and the universe. This type of person may constantly feel a type of homesickness that is unexplainable. There are several Starseeds types, each carrying inherent traits and originating from specific planets or constellations.

Exploring the Universe: What Is a Starseed?

The concept of the word Starseed means that there is a ‘seed’ or element of that person’s soul that originates from another star system, such as the Pleiades.

This seed element carries light codes and other spiritual knowledge within the soul. The key is learning how to tap into this knowledge and remember.

The Origin and Concept of Starseeds

We are all multidimensional beings. Furthermore, we are more than just our minds and physical bodies. We are constantly hearing about people awakening waking up. This is often in reference to Starseed souls who awaken to realize they have a deeper meaning or even a mission while on this planet.

That element that was seeded within them is alive and growing. There is no going back once you know.

Many types of triggers can awaken a Starseed, such as a mystical experience of a light being coming to them, a near-death experience, or even severe harassment from the dark side, who can see a Starseed’s potential future.

These are just a few examples.

What Is A Starseed (& What Are The Different Types)?

Identifying Starseed Traits: Are You One?

This section is not intended to create a false sense of importance or hubris. Many Starseeds inherently know there is more to life than our physical existence. 

When a Starseed awakens, they may find most conversations to be dull and mundane.  They may feel that their jobs and relationships have less meaning for them.

It’s important for Starseeds to learn how to cope with those feelings and remain engaging with those around them on a different frequency or path.

#1 Empathy: A Core Starseed Trait

Many Starseeds find themselves highly empathic. In fact, they may find that they are emotional sponges for the world around them. If they are not careful, they will allow themselves to become crippled by the energies around them and unable to function.

Many times, they may turn to substance abuse and addiction to numb themselves. 

Learning to practice detached compassion is key to the empath’s success. This is the ability to separate your emotions and well-being from other peoples’ emotions and energies.

Learning detached compassion makes us stronger and enables us to be of better service to others.

#2 Wisdom Beyond Years: The Old Soul Aspect

As Starseeds learn to dive deeper into their soul’s well-being, they will find that their levels of wisdom grow quickly. This helps us to have better actions and reactions to the dramas and situations around us.

This type of personal growth allows us to live richer and fuller lives, and that energy echoes out around us, ideally helping others.

Different Types of Starseeds and Their Unique Characteristics

There are many types of Starseeds, and the following are brief descriptions. 

Pleiadian Starseeds: Bringers of Light and Healing

These Starseed hail from the Pleiadean star cluster. They may be the most sensitive out of the groupings.

They are also highly creative, and their general goal, or mission, is to help humanity ascend.

Arcturian Starseeds: Advanced Souls with Technological Insight

Arcturians come from the Arcturus star cluster. These Starseeds have advanced technology, are analytical, and have an innate desire to learn and understand everything around them.

As children, they probably drove their parents crazy.

Sirian Starseeds: The Spiritual Warriors

They come from the Sirius Star system and tend to be leaders and protectors for not just other Sirians but all of humanity.

Andromedan Starseeds: The Adventurers and Freedom-Seekers

Andromedans are from the Andromeda galaxy. They are innovators and independent thinkers, can be rather stubborn in their thought processes, and can have a calm and steady presence in heated conflict.

Lyran Starseeds

Lyrans are connected to the Lyra star system. They can be spiritual warriors, and they have close connections to feline entities.

Orion Starseeds: The Seekers of Truth and Wisdom

Orion Starseeds are connected to the Orion constellation. They often have a strong sense of purpose and are holders of the light to bring unity and peace to all.

Dark Starseeds

This is rarely mentioned, but many Starseeds of all types are no longer on the light side. They will feign altruistic morals and principles. These dark Starseeds will create havoc, and we must know and recognize their patterns.

They are great at tricking the trusting Starseeds to get their way.

Many times, these dark ones work with certain dark entities. They literally have sold their souls to them.

The Role of Starseeds in Human Evolution

What Is A Starseed (& What Are The Different Types)?

All Starseeds need to understand that simply wishing and hoping does not bring the change that this planet needs. We need to be ok with getting our hands dirty. We need to learn that doing true spiritual work is never easy. Spiritual work and spiritual service come in many forms. 

Many Starseeds seem to feel that certain types of work are beneath them, and they tend not to want to work in the third-dimensional, earth plane.

That is simply not true.

A waiter serving food to others is performing a spiritual service. So is the person who is bagging your groceries.

Starseeds are here to assist humanity and help with the ascension of planet Earth. And that service comes in many forms.

Starseeds’ Mission on Earth: A Greater Purpose

Our beloved planet Earth and other planets are at a crossroads between the light and dark sides. We have been watching humans commit atrocious actions against one another for millennia.

My rhetorical question to you is, are those real humans committing those heinous crimes, or are they dark entities that have hijacked human souls? 

Closing Thoughts: Embracing the Starseed Journey 

Many Starseeds are thought to be older souls. They have been around the block a few times. Starseeds may tend to be naïve in thinking that all is good and everything will work out with enough positive thinking.

Starseeds need to have a deeper understanding of how the dark side works and what we can do to protect ourselves as we move forward.