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How to Cleanse Your Soul (7 Spiritual Detox Tips)

How do you cleanse your soul and why is this a thing?  To answer the first question, yes, we do have a soul. The ability to cleanse our soul goes back to the concept of soul healing and restoration. Let’s face it, livin’ a mortal life ain’t easy.

When we create rituals, habits, and other spiritual practices designed to connect our mind, body, and soul, we strengthen and heal the soul.

Understanding the Importance of Spiritual Detox

That adage, cleanliness is next to Godliness, means something. We are multidimensional beings and the ability to learn how to clean and clear ourselves is important to our soul health. Our minds, bodies, and souls process and take in many frequencies and elements.

With a spiritual detox, we get the opportunity to remove negative patterns, thoughts, and ideas that do not serve our greater good.

What Does It Mean to Cleanse Your Soul?

Just like eating well, exercising, and cleaning your home, cleansing the soul is not much different. It’s a bit more esoteric, and not quite as tangible as eating a good salad. 

However, when we cleanse the soul, we are working at removing negative emotions, and negative behaviors, and even examining our relationships. This allows us the opportunity to allow space for newer, higher-frequency energies to come.

Preparing Your Mind and Environment for a Spiritual Cleanse

Remove all, or as much as you can, electronic devices. Our beloved phones, computers, iPads, etc… are all embedded with erratic energies that do impact us, even though we cannot see those energies.  

Create a calm and quiet space for yourself. While we all have different living situations, small children, roommates, or whatever your situation, we all need a space that is our own, even if it is in our car, with the sunshine pouring in.

A quiet space helps to center the mind. 

Creating a Sacred Space for Inner Reflection

By creating a sacred space for yourself, you are giving yourself the gift of time. The time to meditate, the time to reflect, the time to heal and grow. Be creative and fill your sacred space with items that bring you joy. 

The Role of Meditation in Spiritual Detoxification

Meditation gives us clarity and focus when we decide we need spiritual detoxification. It affords us the opportunity to let go of who we are and focus on where we are going and how to get there. This is a key component of spiritual ascension.

The ability to clear our minds and let our thoughts flow can be difficult at times. If this is you, work on meditation for 2-3 minutes and then move on.

This is not a contest. It’s about where we are at and some days are easier than others.

How to Cleanse Your Soul (7 Tips)

How to Cleanse Your Soul (7 Spiritual Detox Tips)

There are many ways in which we can cleanse the soul. The following are just a few ideas that you may find helpful.

#1) Setting Intentions for Spiritual Clarity

When we set intentions for spiritual clarity, we are, in a sense, seeking knowledge and enlightenment. Make a habit of setting an intention for a goal you are seeking.

Is your intention to quiet the mind?

Perhaps, it could be to hear from your spirit guide while meditating. We are all unique in what we need and expect from ourselves.

#2) Embracing Solitude for Deep Reflection

Learn to love to spend time with yourself. Do something for yourself and even by yourself. If it is hard for you to go out alone for dinner, a hike, or a cup of coffee.

Investigate why that is.

What can you learn from spending time with yourself?

#3) Using Nature as a Catalyst for Spiritual Renewal

Nature is GodSource energy. When we get out in nature, we become exposed to natural detoxification elements, such as negative ions from seawater or even pine trees.

Get outside and breathe deeply. Go on hikes. Stop and meditate. Do what feels right for you.

#4) Fasting to Rejuvenate the Mind and Spirit

We expend a lot of energy digesting our foods. Especially if the foods are processed carbs. There is a lot of information out there regarding intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting can help us with gaining clarity and even feeling more energized.

#5) Engaging in Mindful Meditation Daily

Mantras and affirmations have been used overtime to help us to focus and overcome obstacles and enhance our clarity and keep our thoughts more positive.

The best ones are the ones you create for yourself. They can be as simple as, “I release all negative energies from my mind, body and soul, right now.”

#6) Cleansing with Ritual Baths and Their Significance

Why is it that we get our best ideas in the shower? It’s because water helps us to connect to our subconscious. Epsom salt baths are a great way to cleanse and detox. 

Epsom salts, which is really magnesium sulfate, is a mineral compound that helps muscles relax and calms the nerves. When it is added to warm water, it absorbs through the skin more efficiently. 

If you have serious skin ailments or infections, please consult your doctor, first. 

How much Epsom salt is needed? On average one to two cups per bath. You can also add some of your favorite essential oils.

#7) Utilizing Crystals for Energy Clearing

There are many crystals you can use. All crystals carry piezoelectric qualities which help to clear us.  It’s also important to remember to consistently clear our crystals. 

Sunlight is more powerful than moonlight. The moon is a satellite that reflects the sunlight.

Except for amethyst, rose quartz, and a few others will fade from the sunlight. You can also bury them in the soil to absorb any negative energies or put them in some salt. 

Maintaining a Cleansed Soul

Maintaining a cleansed soul is not much different than showering daily. We just need to make a habit out of it. It doesn’t need to be a huge production, or a long list of rituals. Keeping it simple gives us more success.

Daily Practices to Sustain Spiritual Health

Daily prayer and meditation are probably the easiest and most practical spiritual health practices. Exercise such as yoga or hiking helps to rebalance our chakras and clears our minds.

Keeping a journal, spending time doing something you enjoy, or volunteering your time are great ways to maintain a healthy soul.

Reflecting on the Journey of Spiritual Cleansing

These are all spiritual practices. That means we need to do them—practice. Reflecting on our spiritual actions gives us the opportunity to analyze what is working and what is not working.

What works for one person may not work for you, and that is okay. After all, we aren’t robots, and we are not one-size-fits-all.

Assessing Your Spiritual Growth Post-Detox

Assessing your spiritual health and growth after any spiritual clearing or healing is important. We assess all sorts of aspects in our daily lives, from jobs to mechanical issues to relationships.

Assessing our spiritual health should be paramount. Remember to enjoy the journey, respect yourself in the process, and evaluate what you have learned.