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Essential Oils and Frequency: How Are They Connected?

Did you know that all humans and living things have a base frequency? Understanding the connection between essential oils and frequency is important and can be a game changer.

The average healthy human frequency has been measured between 68 and 78 MHz. When the measurement gets below 58MHz, disease sets in. Maintaining and creating a high frequency is key to longevity and good health. 

Essential oils carry very high frequencies that we can use to enhance and heal ourselves on many levels. 

What Is Frequency & How Does It Affect Us?

Frequency is simply vibration. The higher our base frequency can be, the stronger and healthier we are. Everything we surround ourselves with and even consume has frequencies attached to it. 

Living foods, such as organic salads and fruits, contain higher frequencies than processed foods that are prepacked and wrapped in plastic. 

What Determines Frequency? Do All Things Have a Frequency?

We live in a physical world surrounded by multitudes of frequencies. Some frequencies are high; some are not. 

A Japanese scientist, Dr. Masuro Emoto, led a series of experiments based on frequencies and what can lower or raise them. His work is still respected to this day.

There is plenty of information on him on the internet, but his book The Hidden Messages in Water captures most of what is out there.

Frequency is an unseen energy that can be measured using digital multimeters. Some, of course, are more accurate than others. It should also be known that many individuals and institutions have measured essential oil frequencies.

Lavendar essential oils for frequency

Understanding The Connection Between Essential Oils and Frequency

All essential oils contain the life force energy of the plant from which they are derived. This means they all carry high frequencies, and each frequency carries different values. They can all assist us on our journey.

Essential oils can help us combat pain, heal, and even offer us psychic protection.

They are all high-frequency and can aid us in a multitude of different ways.

How Essential Oils and Frequency Affect the Human Body

Essential oils work on our physical and energetic bodies. They can help us in many ways. Our frequencies change all the time, and we also tend to absorb the frequencies around us. 

For example, have you ever missed a turn and gone to a new neighborhood that simply didn’t feel good or right? 

There’s a reason for that; it’s a frequency differential. 

Essential oils can help us shore up our baseline frequency. Frequency is energy, and energy knows no boundaries.

The energetic signatures of essential oils go beyond their containers.

Balancing Chakras with Essential Oil Frequency

Our chakras are energy centers; they carry certain vibrational frequencies to them.

This site has good information on chakras and essential oils.

Enhancing Emotional Well-being Through Frequency

There are many essential oils we can use in various situations. Lavender essential oil can be helpful if we are overridden with grief.

If we are feeling depressed, citrus oil can help to shift our mood.

You can go on the internet and do your own research on how to use essential oils to help you through what you may be going through.

Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils for Frequency Healing 

It’s not about finding essential oils with the highest frequencies but rather those with the frequencies you need. For example, if you have a toothache, clove can help alleviate the pain more than another higher-frequency oil.

Clove can also help remove toenail fungus. Frankincense oil doesn’t do that, but it has anti-cancer properties.

There are many ways to use essential oils. One is to simply smell them. You can also buy a diffuser (make sure to get a decent one so it doesn’t clog up and break on you).

If using essential oils directly on your skin, make sure to test it on a small area to ensure you don’t have a skin sensitivity. People with super-light skin tones may be more sensitive to essential oils.

The Karmic Path - Essential Oils and Frequency: How Are They Connected?

Selecting Oils Based on Frequency Needs

When the Christ child was born, the three Magi- or three magicians, knew he would be in for a wild ride on our beloved strife-ridden planet.

Because of this, they gifted him three items: frankincense, gold, and myrrh. No one ever really asks the question as to why these three specific gifts.

Gold makes sense, as it has a monetary value. But why essential oils and tree saps? Because they contain high frequencies. This is a form of psychic protection that Christ could use while walking on this earth plane.

Frankincense has a frequency of 147 MHz, and myrrh has a frequency of 105 MHz. When combined, it is my theory that these two essential oils work together, and their frequencies combined skyrocket, kind of like 1+1=4. 

My Three Favorite Essential Oils

It’s hard to limit them to three, as there are hundreds out there! However, my all-time favorite is sacred frankincense. There are three main varieties of frankincense, each with different frequencies: Serrata, Carterii, and Sacra. I love the smell, and I use them in my spiritual toolbox all the time.

Orange essential oil is another one of my favorites, it is uplifting and can quickly remove brain fog.

Thieves oil. Since I am allergic to antibiotics, I use this to keep the wound clean when I cut myself. I also use it when I have a cold. I make a concoction of hot water with fresh lemon, local raw and unpasteurized honey, and 1-3 drops of Thieves oil.

It helps combat the virus and soothe the throat.

Ok, I can’t keep it to just three. It’s kind of like asking me what my three favorite crystals are. Just can’t do that! But I use this trio when I have a sinus issue.

Get hot water and 5-10 drops of clary sage essential oil, 5 drops of rosemary, and one drop of peppermint. Place your head over the bowl and a towel over your head, and inhale for a few moments. Essential oils offer many natural remedies.

All of what I have mentioned here is online in other places.

Make sure that any essential oils you purchase are 100% pure, and there are no additives or preservatives in them. They are never needed.

I personally prefer the Young Living brand. I am not an affiliate, but this is the group that I know and trust to give me good information.

Which Essential Oil Has the Highest Frequency?

Bulgarian Rose essential oil has been touted as having the highest frequency and can be rather pricey, at around $1,000 an ounce.

It smells good—way better than those fake rose perfumes! This oil has a frequency of 320MHz.

Conclusion: Embracing The Power & Potential of Essential Oils 

In conclusion, the synergy between essential oils and frequency enriches our well-being, acting as a bridge to higher health. We can significantly influence our physical and emotional states by leveraging the power of essential oils and frequency.

Essential oils, with their potent frequencies, offer a natural path to enhancing our life force energy.

Remember, integrating essential oils and frequency into daily routines can transform our vibrational state, fostering a holistic sense of wellness. Embrace the profound connection between essential oils and frequency to unlock a world of healing and vibrational harmony.