You Can Only Change Yourself

Teasing the Volcano, is about identifying and changing negative family patterns. Many times, these family patterns go back lifetime after lifetime. We reincarnate in groups, or families. This is karma’s way of offering us many opportunities to learn lessons and mortal experiences. As we stated in the show, “Yes. We really do pick our parents.” (I hope that does not scare you and you continue to read on… J)

Identifying these family patterns is hard, especially when they are ingrained in us as small children. I recall the story of a good friend of mine who grew up with a parent who lied all the time. It was not until we were in college that she realized that, in general, people do not lie. Especially about mundane things. This was a revelation for her. Because she grew up in this environment, she did not know the difference until she left her home. This same concept is true for the “button pusher” personality. A button pusher is that person who likes to provoke people in negative ways or pit people against one another. The button pusher often gains a sense of power over the stress, drama, and tears they create. A child who grows up with a parent or relative who is a button pusher may think that this is a normal and acceptable form of behavior.

What is interesting, is negative karma is created not only by the button pusher, but also by all the players who participate. Which is why it is important change these family dynamics. However, keep in mind, that you can only change yourself. You can choose to participate in the button pusher’s game or not. When you attend a family function and you know that your Uncle Sal is a button pusher, what can you do to avoid engaging in his negative behavior? Before you arrive, role play possible scenarios in your head and your possible responses.

Many families will have reunions over the summer months. When you think of your upcoming family events, how do they make you feel? Are you excited to attend? Or is this something you dread? If this is something you dread, what can you do to change things? Keep in mind, spiritual law states, “You can only change yourself.” We cannot change others or wish for others to change. By changing how we act and react.

Karma seeks balance and when karma is out of balance, tension is created.

3 thoughts on “You Can Only Change Yourself”

  1. This is exceptional. I would like to see this expanded into a full book or books that shares your perspectives about groups that we come here with; physical family, soul family and people we meet along the way that become family. The sacrifices and lonely life paths that some choose to help another’s soul refinement– the costs and benefits for those in service to both whether they be bound by blood ties or soul alone, how we of a soul group find one another, etc.

    Thank you !

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