What Is the Purpose of Psychic Ability?

What’s the purpose of Psychic Ability and Who’s Psychic?

The short answer is we are all psychic. The most important, and probably most underrated psychic ability is intuition, or that “gut feeling”. When we learn to listen to our intuition and trust it we learn to connect to the Divine, the Higher Realms. This can take practice because it is directly tied to our self-confidence. If a child grows up being told negative things about themselves, that child grows up with doubt about themselves. This is a karmic opportunity to rise above your upbringing. It’s not easy and it takes practice.

Because when we learn to listen to our intuition, our inner voice, it simply keeps us safe. It also helps us to make wiser and more thoughtful decisions. It can lessen the dramas and traumas that may creep into our lives. As we learn how to listen to our intuition, our other psychic senses may start to develop.

We are all here for the lessons and experiences our soul needs and no one lives a perfect life. When we don’t listen to that inner voice and then have to deal with the consequences, look at it as a karmic opportunity for the lessons you learned about a particular situation.


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