What Is The Crossing Over Prayer?

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What is the Crossing Over Prayer?

I have often pondered how to describe the power of this specific prayer. What is it? How does it work?

The words of The Crossing Over Prayer look like the stanzas of any other prayer, but this isn’t like any other prayer. This prayer is a request directly to God to assist those souls included in this prayer to find the light of the Divine. This is a petition of spiritual service from a mortal person directly to God on behalf of one or many ghosts. This means that the words of the prayer are specifically designed as a petition directly to God requesting that He take any and all souls in a particular 4th dimension location, directly to the Heaven World.

The mortal, living person does not need to know the ghost, does not have to believe in God or in anything spiritual. The act of saying the words alone is enough to begin the process.

This prayer is also specific request to angels to embrace the soul in a healing blanket of light.

The prayer is a directive to any soul, to any ghost to cross the Light Bridge with their angelic escort into the Heaven World immediately.

The prayer removes the energies of guilt, prejudice, method of death or judgment as they make that critical transition into Heaven. Pure acts of service can never engender any of these emotions. Saying the words of the prayer sets the intention of the reader.

The prayer is an act of tremendous service to any soul lost and confused in the dark cold often terrifying environs of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, or the 4th dimension.

By Tina Erwin

2 thoughts on “What Is The Crossing Over Prayer?”

  1. Tina
    Laura sent me prayer cards for my bed and breakfast inn where ghosts are present. I read out loud the prayer and placed the cards in various rooms, as instructed. While I cant see the ghosts, I can feel their presence and hear noises from them; some people I know of can talk to them and see them but I cant. How do I know if they have passed onto the 5th dimension? Will there be physical or emotional differences at my Inn?

    1. Those are great questions, Tootie. Many times what happens is the residence will feel more peaceful and things around the home will stop breaking. You may find electrical and plumbing issues to simply disappear. This is because the energy of ghosts has a low frequency. When things work well, they have a higher vibration.


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