What Happens to a Person’s Soul Upon Death?

We recently posted a blog about suicide and there was a lot of controversy about the term I used, “Committed Suicide”. To be honest, terminology is important. However, what is of the utmost importance is what happens to a person’s soul. Other than the Tibetans, no one teaches the living what to do upon their own death. Especially for those who died by suicide, those that took their own lives. Those souls may need special care and compassion and assistance.

When death comes, churches and communities focus on the care of the living loved ones. While this is important, the soul who recently departed is also important.

While Tina and I are passionate about karma, we are just as passionate about helping the dead. What does that mean? Sometimes, when a person dies, they do not cross over. When this happens, the dead person is trapped between our material world and the 4th dimension and is considered a “ghost.”

How does this happen? How is it that the dead don’t cross over and are trapped as ghosts? There are many reasons. For example, when a person is suddenly ejected out of their body due to a car accident or terrible weather, they may not know that they are dead.

Or they may feel guilty about something. They may come from a religion where they are “born in sin and dies in sin”, they may have been told over and over that they are ‘not worthy’, they may have had traumatic life events, they may have committed suicide, they may be a child who simply could not find an adult to help them cross over.

While there are many reasons as to why people do not cross over, it is important to remember that the living can, in fact, help the dead. And this may be the greatest spiritual service we can provide. While Tina and I are a bit psychic and do assist many ghosts in crossing over, so can you. If you think you may have a ghost with you, take your power back and help them to cross over! If a loved one has died, help ensure that they cross over! We have several free tools you can use to help ghosts and books that help to explain what happened to these souls and why.

And isn’t that the compassion we all want for ourselves?

Below are a list of links and tools to help you help the dead.

The Crossing Over Prayers Videos These videos help souls who may be stuck to cross over into Heaven.

Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View Books These are the stories that ghosts tell us and we have learned from them WHY they did not cross over. These reasons are really important for us all to understand. At the end, we always make sure the soul gets the help and assistance it needs in crossing over.

These podcasts discuss ghosts:

What Church Do Ghosts Attend?

The Karma of Holding onto Ghosts

Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View, Vol 1

Do Dogs Go To Heaven


2 thoughts on “What Happens to a Person’s Soul Upon Death?”

  1. Thank you for your assistance to the Souls who cross over when the Spirit leaves the Mind which is how the human receives knowledge from the reality of being in the Universe(s). The Pineal Gland is the Mind, and it is the first gland to appear in the brain of the baby as it develops in the fetus. The Soul is the inner knowledge of the human, and it is on a spiritual journey throughout the life of the human. It is my belief that a Soul can be assisted on their travel to the other side by Spirit Mentors and by people who are aware of this need. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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