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"I recently got turned on to The Karmic Path from my mom and I absolutely love it! I've had a very rough patch in my life and this podcast has really opened my eyes to how karma plays such a pivotal role in our lives and has helped me get through these tough times, so thank you for that!" A.L.

"I now see how a small shift in how I react can change how someone responds to me. I am so grateful you shared this with me." NS

"I love your work! I heard one of your podcasts and it was amazing! Thank you and keep them coming, please. Divine timing, Sister! It was like you were talking to me, telling me what I needed to hear."  SR

"Holy sh!t for the first time ever I realized why over and over and over again I keep having narcissistic friends coming into my life and making me miserable!! 😳😂. I finally can change my openness to those people to avoid them in the future. I swear to you ladies, this is like going into a time machine where you change the path of the future by just small tweaks in the present. You two are the coolest!!"

"I listened to your show last night on The Karma of Fear. Wow, was that a great broadcast! Thank you." CB

"Thank you for your insights. Wow are they eye opening!" BW

"Was waiting for a brilliant person to bring up energy in that post on reincarnation in Ghosts. I like what you are writing about and the concept of car karma gave me a chuckle. Great stuff!" AP

"I feel so much better you have no idea!!! It feels so wonderful! It was a great and informative show. Thank you So Much from the bottom of my heart! I can't express my gratitude enough!" KP

"Hi Tina and Laura! I just listened to your show on angels in Mixcloud and I got a lot out of it! You guys are doing a great job and you work well together. I love the show and keep up the good work! I will ask angels to escort me or friends in the near future when we navigate the rough waters of life." RM