Stealing Someone Else’s Karma

“Can someone steal my good karma?” was the question I was asked recently by Bob (not his real name). Bob was extremely upset by some things that were happening within his family. All Bob’s life, he has been doing good things, been helpful and conscientious and somehow Bob still has a difficult life. His sister, on the other hand, likes to cheat the system, take advantage of others and does not really work, and as an adult, still ‘borrows’ money from her parents. And life seems to flow easily for her. What was particularly infuriating for Bob, their parents seem to encourage his sister’s poor behavior.

Can karma really be stolen?

The short answer is no. Karma seeks balance. Karma is the great equalizer. Karma is here to offer us lessons and opportunities. And karma is not normally satisfied during one lifetime. I explained to Bob that what we do not know the karmic elements of any past lives that he has lived or the past lives of his family. Did he live a life where he was the person who was less than scrupulous? Could he have lived a life where he had some shady business dealings? And now, he needs to see what that looks like from a different perspective. Or could he be the karmic vehicle for his family and learning how to do the right thing? By Bob leading by good examples and not compromising his integrity, is he teaching his parents and sister a better way to do things?

We are all free will creatures. We all have the ability to make choices and decisions. Those choices we make do echo out and will affect other people and situations. This is what we mean when we say, “We do not live in a bubble and every person’s actions and reactions collide and echo out.”

Tina and I discuss the concept of the karma of cheating the system in the podcast, The Karma of the Handicapped Placard.

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