Sex, Karma, and Power

Everything we do has karma attached to it. This includes sex and sex is a form of energy. Sex is an act of creation. Part of evolution is creation, and we are not just talking about a bodily action. The root charka contains a tremendous amount of creative energy. That power, feeling, drive from the sexual center is powerful and is the activity center for creation. So, how does karma get created?

Love and power are tremendous. And we need both love and power. But when we separate them, we have a problem. The following is a quote that is not original to us.

Love without power is insipid and weak.

Power without love is cruel and vicious.

But when we combine love and power, we take the power of love and the love that is in power and we can change the world. Mother Theresa is a great example of what power and love can do. Hitler is an example of what power without love can create.

The same goes for sexual abuse and sexual assault. In this podcast, we discuss what happens when someone is abused physically, mentally, and emotionally to our physical body and our auric fields. We also discuss what we can do to spiritually heal ourselves.

There seems to be sexual scandals of people of power coming out almost every day. We do not discuss the current events because, unfortunately, this podcast will be timeless.

Sex, Karma, and Power


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