Sex, Karma and Power

November 2, 2017 We discuss the karmic ramifications of sexual assault and abuse.

Love and Relationships

September 7, 2017 We explore the karmic aspects of suicide and the importance of helping the dead.

Really, Who is the Person Giving You Healing?

August 20, 2017 What to look for in any type of healer.

Love and Relationships

July 18, 2017

We answer YOUR questions on love, relationships, and karma.

Wedding Karma

Thursday, June 18 Weddings are full of karmic opportunities that will directly affect our karmic bank accounts!

When the Karma is Over: Divorce

Thursday, May 18. Sometimes karma comes to an end. Half of marriages end in divorce. What does karma have to say about that?

Karmic Boundaries

Boundaries are karmic opportunities, there are many types of boundaries, physical, mental, and spiritual.  Did you learn the lesson? Do you have the strength to say no?

The Karma of Being Psychic

Psychic ability is not a gift! You can return a gift. Psychic ability, done right, carries a lot of karmic weight, opportunities, and lessons!

3 Magic Words

These 3 words are a basic and important form of karma.

Don't Tease the Volcano

How does karma view manipulation? If you are being manipulated what can you do to change that for a better Karmic Path?

Karma and the Abuse of Power

We take a look at the karmic implications from all angles of United flight #3411.

The Karma of Manipulation

Karma is opportunity to learn valuable lessons. What can we all learn from manipulators and how we can change our Karmic Path for the better.

Your Karmic Forcefield

We explain what an auric field is, how karma in involved and what you can do to improve your auric field. Hint: It is a lot like Star Trek!

Karma of the Abusive Personality

Abusers come in many shapes and sizes. An abuser can also be a karmic opportunity to learn to break free.

Are we Born in Sin?

Or are we born in karma? God gives us the same sun, moon, and oceans. What is different is where we are born, the families we are born into. This is karma offering us lessons.

The Karma of Past Life Fear

Have you ever had an irrational fear? Where did it come from? Could it be a residual memory from a past life? What can you do to overcome it?

The Karma of Fear

What does fear do to the body? How is karma related? What can you do to change or remove your fears? Are some fears healthy?

The Karma of the Controlling Personality

Spiritual Law states: "You cannot want something for someone that they do not want for them self." How does this affect your Karmic Path?

The Karma of Losing

Can a loss really be a Karmic Opportunity? How can we learn from loss?

Impose Upon Your Angels

What are angels? Are they real? How can I use them to help me? How do I call on them? Is this good for my karma?

The Karma of Forgiveness

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean "Forgetness". There is no right or wrong time to forgive someone. It has to come from within.

How Does Karma Start?

When does the karmic clock start ticking for us? Does it ever stop ticking?