Peter Kater Interview and the Resonance of Healing

Recently, Laura and I were honored to have with us on a pre-recorded podcast, the Grammy Winning, pianist, composer, performer and author, Peter Kater. However in a bizarre twist of irony, the sound quality of our podcast somehow became corrupted and we were unable to use the podcast so we decided to share what we can regarding Peter’s remarkable career and how it relates to healing. Nominated 13 times for a Grammy he finally won in 2018. He has scored over 100 television and film productions including 11 On and Off Broadway dramatic plays. He is also the very proud recipient of the Environment Leadership Award from the United Nations.

However, he is the most famous for the healing attributes of his music.

If you would like to listen to his music while you read this blog, click on this link as he takes you through an audio/visual tour of Monument Valley, Meteor Crater, Horseshoe Bend and other amazing parts of the American South West.

Peter’s music has the resonance of the 432 hertz frequency which is the frequency of healing for the human body. The fascinating part of this is that he does not specifically try to make his music vibrate on that level, he simply creates the music that comes to him. He seeks balance, resonance and clarity in his music. He works most of all to be transparent and true to his art.

Peter shared with us that until the 1960s, most orchestral music had a resonance of around 432 hertz. However, after that time, music changed and was no longer in that frequency range, it was higher, making the music slightly sharper. He realized this and insisted on re-tuning his piano down to 432 hertz and felt that he worked better in this frequency range as he was composing.

He has noted the phenomena of people who actually lie under his piano while he is playing. For some reason, the person on the floor begins to feel better. Their experience seems to be that he is playing music that vibrates in a positive manner throughout their body.

We were honored to have had Peter on our podcast and are delighted to be able to share his music and the companion video with you.

by Tina Erwin

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