"When are you going to teach classes?"

This is the number one question we get! And now we are excited to tell you that we are offering on-line and on-demand classes on a variety of subjects. These topics involve karma, dealing with energy vampires, psychic self-defense, psychic abilities, karmic parenting  are just a few of the fascinating doorways we plan to open for you. We are so sure of the classes that we are offer, that they come with


Finish any of our courses, and apply what you’ve learned. After that, if you don’t think this is the most valuable course on this topic you’ve ever taken let us know, tell us why, and we’ll give you every penny back! Why? Because it is simply good karma!

For a limited time, all classes have a $49 discount with the code "karma".

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An Empath's Guide to Slaying Energy Vampires   $79

This one hour class, The Empath’s Guide to Slaying Energy Vampires, is designed to help you get your power back when it comes to the many personality types that seek to steal your energy and leave you, literally, sucked dry! Let’s face it, energy vampires are everywhere! Learn how to identify and stop them.

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Healing the Grief of Suicide $99

We talk to the dead and and this offers us unique insights when it comes to suicide. We share these with you in this one hour on demand course. Not only is this information healing, it is life-changing. Don't delay and sign up today!

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Essential Psychic Self-Defense 5 part class $249

Essential Psychic Self-Defense is a series of 5 classes that will teach you why psychic self-defense is all about being proactive! You will be shown the tools you need to raise your frequency to strengthen your auric field and chakras. Learn about the many types of subtle energies that have a direct impact on our daily lives and what you can do to better navigate through them to live the best life possible.

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