Karmic Compassion and The Year of Firsts

Our podcast, The Year of Firsts, is about the aftermath of dealing with traumas. Traumas come in many forms, it could be a death, divorce, loss of a job, loss of a home or a friend. These losses are a part of our karmic path and our learning experiences. However, knowing this and having to deal with the emotions are two entirely different things. As we go through these traumatic situations, waves of grief can overcome us without a moment’s notice. One moment you are putting your kids to bed and this grief wave hits you like a brick. Or you hear a song on the radio and now you have been transported back in time and your grief starts all over.

The first year after a traumatic event is tough. Knowing that the first birthday, anniversary, family get-togethers, traditions such as Father’s Day or Christmas are coming up makes our grief seem unbearable at times.

This podcast offers tools and remedies to help us cope with these traumas that instill grief. This podcast is helpful for the person who suffered the loss and also for those loved ones that are supporting that grieving person. While the grief may not go away overnight, alleviating the pain does go a long way.

What can you do if you are suffering a significant loss and an event comes up?

  • Let a loved one know how you are feeling about it and talk through certain possible scenarios before the event takes place.
  • Ask that person to help you through the event, no matter how large or small. Have them by your side.
  • If you feel you may need to leave early because it is overwhelming, be prepared to have some other commitment that offers you a way out.

On the other side, what can you do to help someone who has suffered a loss?

  • Be proactive. Let that person know you are thinking about them as a birthday approaches, or some other event.
  • Offer to be with that person in their time of need.
  • Let them know that they are not alone.

Try to remember through it all that karma offers us opportunities to learn from these experiences. These karmic lessons are not only offered to those who suffered the loss, but also to all those that surround that person. Our karmic actions and reactions really, truly do echo out.

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